Blonde behind the wheel - Myths and Truths

Blonde behind the wheel - Myths and Truths
 Blonde behind the wheel for a long time found themselves around a halo of anecdotes and legends that have no one remembers, and with what, in fact, it all began. And although it is now female driver does not surprise anyone, negativity from those around them gets full. And even if you're a brunette, then driving you have to prove that you're not blonde. Here's a paradox.

Infinitely possible to look at the fire, the water and the park blonde. It would seem that owners of white curls immortalized not only famous paintings, but in folklore. Only in the latter, in an ironic way. Although men are not derecognised blonde in sympathy, intellectual level continue to make fun of them. And on the road blonde has become a household name for all women drivers, even for the experienced. So, for the company. And that in fact the myth and the reality? Does the ability to drive a car on the color of hair?

Meet the natural blonde can now infrequently. Of course, psychologists have a theory about that woman, her hair dyed, can change their "I". But due to the fact that it can be confident, not so that it instantly affect its mental abilities. There is some truth in the fact that blondes may themselves create the image of a puppet to manipulate men. Men, anyway, like pretty silly on their background they feel themselves more confident. A smart woman always knows how to raise self-esteem man.

And on the road. When the man on rotten "Lada" with envy looking at a pretty woman in a white SUV, he did not want to think that she earned on the machine itself. To think so would be to admit their impotency. Another blonde coquettishly can pretend that they are in something do not understand. And pour the liquid in the washer tank - it megaslozhnaya task. We will not argue, for someone so. But is not it nice when a man breaks away from their business to help put on the new wipers. At the same time it feels Superman, but we have a manicure right. And who then say that blondes are stupid. Especially among them so often caught blonde with intelligence brunettes.

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