Wide Pancake and toddlers

Wide Pancake and toddlers
 In many regions of the Russian winter lasts for six months, or even longer. People look forward to when the snow melts and the sun will shine again. Mardi Gras - a holiday symbolizing the coming of spring, and he continued the whole week, ending Forgiveness Sunday.

In the days of Shrovetide Russian people is always fun. Celebrated all: adults and children. In the Orthodox calendar is called Pancake cheese Week and is a preparation for Lent. The main symbol of the holiday is a pancake: ruddy and round like the sun.

Mardi Gras - a good reason to teach my daughter pancakes. According to tradition, there should be plenty to enough for all: and the home, and guests. If children are bored with traditional pancakes, cook them from buckwheat flour, oats, semolina. Tasty and unusual pancakes with full sun, when placed in the pan, for example, fried mushrooms, which are filled with pancake batter on top. Select Pripek based on your eating habits. This can be finely chopped boiled egg and fried onions, and herbs. Men are sure to enjoy hearty pancakes with pork cracklings from full sun or herring.

In Shrove Tuesday, in addition to meeting the spring, remember the deceased family members. This is a great opportunity to teach children about the deceased relatives. Select the time and make a family's genealogical tree.

After a hearty feast, you can go to the street to celebrate. Make with the children doll - symbol of Shrovetide. To do this, take the tube unnecessary old mat and tie it in several places with a rope. Put a handkerchief on top, decorate the doll's head with cloth colored pigtails, dressed in old clothes. The kids will be happy to drive in a circle around a fun character Shrovetide.

The older boys to become involved in the capture of snowy town. This is an old folk game. The famous painter Vasily Surikov imprinted it on their picture, written in 1891. Surely in your backyard and the remains of a snow fort. Divide into two teams: attackers and defenders. The challenge hitters - to destroy the town; Defense - to hold as long as possible.

In the Pancake week in many theaters are performances for children, dedicated to this ancient holiday. Visit the museum with children, go to the park, to visit relatives, and the joy of spring meetings multiplied a hundredfold.

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