How to celebrate New Year and not to harm nature

How to celebrate New Year and not to harm nature
 New Year - the most magical and most joyous holiday of the year. It is a pity that nature usually does not share this opinion. After all, for the fun of people she has to pay carved woods, who went on to wrap gifts and a Christmas tree. Is there a way to celebrate New Year fun without harming nature?
 Every human holiday - it is a huge wound on the body of wildlife. Wound that one for a long time will have to lick. Do not believe me? Then remember how many meters of wrapping paper you spent on packaging gifts of the past holiday. Paper for the production of which had been cut down living trees. Or imagine how many years of growing spruce that will decorate your home for only a few days, which will last New Year holidays. However, to celebrate New Year without harming nature, it is possible.

So, the most important attribute of the New Year's celebrations - Christmas tree and decorations on it. It is, of course, instead of a live Christmas tree to put artificial. She and fluffy, and durable. And for the characteristic odor of the New Year in the house it is possible to use essential oils and aromakurilnitsu.

However, environmentalists disagree. They offer to buy live spruce - provided that they are not victims of illegal logging, and grown specifically for sale. But who can guarantee that you liked the tree grew in the forestry and not snitch poachers out of the woods?

Another tip concerns wrapping paper for gifts. It should be used as little as possible. It is better to give preference to wicker baskets, boxes. After all, these items can be used for other purposes than once, which means that they are quite capable to save a couple of trees destined for processing in bright wrapping paper.

As for Christmas toys, the ecologists suggest to make their own, avoiding the use of plastic jewelry. In addition to the benefits of nature, such activity as inventing and manufacturing of paper garlands, snowflakes, bows and other toys - a great activity for the whole family during the long winter evenings. And how much joy it will bring children!

By the way, you know that incandescent bulbs consume 80-90% more power than LEDs? And it's a good excuse to get rid of the Christmas tree garland with incandescent and LED purchase. Savings, of course, not much of a, and the nature of tangible benefits.

And finally, WWF (World Wildlife Fund) compiled a list of "antipodarkov" to accept donations and which should refrain anyone who respects the planet and does not want to harm nature. The very first in this list is the gift of a jar of caviar. In second place - the product of tiger skins. According to the organization in the world today there are only about 5,000 tigers. Third place in the "black list" take gifts from slovoih tusks - the so-called ivory. Fourth place was given to "antipodarkam" from turtle shells. WWF also advises not to give and receive a gift leather reptiles, cacti, which can be exported smuggled from Mexico.

Well, not so many victims want to bring the man who wants to do harm to your fun nature. And if these people will be a hundred? And if thousands or even millions?

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