Christmas trip it is important to take into account

Christmas trip it is important to take into account
 If you decided to celebrate New Year's holidays are not at home, that is, the things that you need to think in advance. In general, New Year's trip is not much different from the usual, therefore, for the most part, to take into account all need the same thing as always, but there are a few specific points.
 1. Other tourists. Most likely, the place you choose, chosen for the New Year is still quite a large number of people. This particularly applies to such visits that occur as tourists. Companies are trying to sell as many of these trips, and people trying to buy them as cheaply as possible. So it makes sense to prepare your New Year's trip much in advance to buy tickets at not too high prices. The same applies to the hotel. Closer to the holidays, cheap economy simply does not remain.

2. Check out the traditions of the countries that are going to visit. They may be slightly disagree with your understanding of how to celebrate the New Year. Well, if you go to a place that you know, and it is right in Russia, maybe just another city. Then there are no problems. But if you, for example, go to the New Year holidays in the UAE, then keep in mind that is open to drink champagne, even on the occasion of the New Year, there can not be. This is a Muslim country, where alcohol is a crime. In some places, easier, and in others the rules are very strict.

It is useful to know more about that as well as in the country you are traveling in, taken to celebrate the New Year. Perhaps there exist any rituals and traditions, not respecting that you run the risk of offending the local people, or at least pass for an ignoramus.

3. Take care of reserve money for emergencies with special care. Holidays - a time when all can afford to relax a little. All except the fraudsters and pickpockets. Suddenly, you can lose bags with documents, credit cards and all cash, and can not even remember how it happened. Keep the scanned copies of passports on the email. As well as the stock of money that you do not carry with them, and that is well hidden you things. For this purpose, suitable traveler's check, because a wad of money, and even in local currency, will hide in a strange way, and you have the appropriate mood will be gone. When you go to have fun, do not carry with them all the important documents, better leave them in the safe at the hotel (there is usually such a service). This is true for any travel, but on New Year's holidays need to be especially careful.

4. Insurance. With people during the holiday season is always something happening at home, and even in foreign countries altogether. This is better not to think, but the "straw podstelit" still stands. Check whether your insurance items of all kinds of household accidents and injuries.

Take care of your Christmas trip, and have a great holiday!

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