8 things for a picnic: picnic bachelorette party

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 Picnic - a great way to relax in nature, forgetting for a while everyday worries and troubles. Well, if there are men in the company, and they will suffer heavy things, and take care of the fire and roast barbecue ... But it also happens that gathered for a picnic pure maiden company, and, therefore, her friends have to take care of everything yourself.
 If you are going to have a rest actively, do not forget to sports equipment - volleyball, racket and shuttlecock badminton, rounders bat for, etc. Be sure to agree on who is responsible for this part of the holiday, so you do not have to figure out who all the forgotten and what to do now.

After active legwork you want to relax. Do not forget to take that on which it will be pleasant to sit - tourist mats, folding chairs or simply covered.

Light breakfast on the grass - very pleasant part of recreation. In any case, you will need oilcloth tablecloths and as a set of disposable utensils - it is very convenient, as light and compact. Very useful paper napkins, towels or toilet paper - these items are interchangeable in the woods.

Cooking on the fire, you will need matches, and possibly dry fuel, if you do not have among experienced travelers who know how to make a fire without it the blessings of civilization. Firewood grab a small tourist ax or a saw, hacksaw.

Tea, cooked on fire, with the addition of forest herbs - a wonderful drink. Do not forget to take a pot or kettle old who will not mind to smoke in the fire. If near the site of your stay there is no source of water, it is necessary to grab and water in plastic bottles. 1, 5 liters each - enough to not die of thirst and wash hands before eating. As a replacement, of course, you can take a thermos of finished beverage.

If the program you kebabs, do not forget skewers or grill for a barbecue. With ax or handsaw you can strengthen them over the coals by the fire. That the meat was tender juicy, do not forget to periodically spray or dry wine or just water.

Do not forget after the holiday to collect used dishes and bottles in a bag and take it in the trash. Organic waste (food scraps) can dig next to a campfire.

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