60 cases to a wedding

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 Preparing for a wedding usually begins long before the celebration. Newlyweds telling relatives about the upcoming event, choose the date, the place where the banquet will be negotiated with the photographer, buy costumes ... In general, cases enough. It is important to know how to prepare for the wedding, so that nothing is missed. So, here are sixty cases, without which a good holiday will not work.  

1. Choosing the wedding date.

2. Buying engagement rings.

3. Submission of preliminary statement to the registrar.

4. Post the good news for parents and other loved ones.

5. Visit a travel agency and route selection honeymoon.

6. Make a rough plan for pre-holiday events and the calculation of the expected costs.

7. formal application to the registrar.

8. Start visiting the gym.

9. Choosing a wedding dress.

10. The choice of the temple, which will be perfect wedding ceremony (if scheduled).

11. Establishment of the list of guests.

12. Finding a place for a banquet.

13. Development of the script wedding.

14. The choice of Toastmasters.

15. Conclusion of the contract with the photographer.

16. The choice of the person who will conduct videotaped.

17. Search choreographer who teach young dance wedding waltz.

18. Writing to the hairdresser and makeup artist to create a test image.

19. Delivery of invitations to guests.

20. Order honeymoon.

21. Reservation hotel for the wedding night.

22. The choice of the company for making the cake.

23. Development of a route for the traditional walk around the city.

24. Order of cars.

25. Clarification of details decorate the hall.

26. Development and approval of the menu.

27. Signing a contract with a florist to decorate the hall.

28. Approval of the list of guests.

29. Meeting with the approval of the master of ceremonies and holiday scenario.

30. A visit to the solarium.

31. Purchase of alcohol.

32. Purchase of wedding shoes.

33. Purchase accessories.

34. Acquisition of beautiful lingerie.

35. Purchase of gifts: the bride and groom for the groom to the bride.

34. Talk with the photographer, an agreement on the future style of pictures and wedding walk route.

35. Clarification of video parts.

36. Order salute.

37. Planning for the second day of the wedding.

38. Inviting friends for a bachelorette party and bachelor party.

39. Carrying out of hen and stag parties.

40. Planning accommodate guests in a banquet hall.

41. Create name cards to the guests know where they should sit.

41. Visit a beautician.

42. Acquisition of champagne for a walk.

43. Writing a detailed plan holiday.

44. Buying souvenirs for guests.

45. Training shoes (before wear, it is necessary to carry).

46. ​​Check safety accessories.

47. Collect suitcases for travel.

48. Bake the loaf wedding.

49. Preparation of the house where the couple went after the wedding.

50. Collection of handbags bride.

51. Preparation of documents.

52. Check the play props for a wedding, if any.

53. Check the wedding entourage.

54. Call the barber.

55. Call makeup artist.

56. Preparation of the wedding dress.

57. Check the shoes.

58. Preparation of the Rings.

59. Overcoming anxiety.

60. Healthy sleep.

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