Yoga as a wish-fulfillment

 Cheerfully stomping "the first time in first class" - yoga class - you already see yourself enlightened, sophisticated and sleeping on a bed of nails. That's what they do with people labels yes stereotypes. , Meanwhile, the cherished moments workout coming ... change, timid glance in the hall, to feel somewhat awkward to find that you're the only one here in sneakers, but this time to remember when a trainer and in anticipation of discovery.  

And the discovery did not hesitate to happen. It turns out that yoga - it's not just the lotus posture and other body knot tying. That Breathing exercises «Pranayama» (New Experience: is, usual shuffling to and fro air does not go in comparison with opportunities to our "dyhalki») ... That stretch (u where in the body only takes a number of muscles, which are ductile to whine the next day? even because never suspected earlier, although Aerobics and trenazherka already knew ... probably the case in initially different approach to their elaboration) ... This particular worldview that is latently - alongside Exercises - somehow gives each coach - so that those who are without laughter can not accept the phrase "feel the tip of his nose," yoga is better not to go (to avoid misunderstandings). And only after this - various poses coveted "asanas", of which the best, however, to receive "recumbent formation ..."

In general, from yoga came out quite what was expected. Enlightenment does not happen, you need probably be attributed to their own lack of preparation. Polloi In rookie sessions called for would be "to crustal ice" because as go into all the nuances details - but many of them, both in breathing or in attitudes adopted - need a minimum a few months (and to receive correct - even semiannually) . Therefore, if someone decided engaged, need to arm resistance, bravery (and the ability to smile treat his clumsiness - once and nothing comes easy in yoga), tenacity and desire. Desire to get from yoga that she is able to give.

Each - according to his needs. Someone's coming here in flexibility and unique body - If desired, it certainly receive his (vain Yogi fitness yet adapted to its realities, rather than solely accurately reproduces old practice.) Someone comes for Energy and achieving harmony - this will also be achieved through the body and soul. You just need to know exactly what you want to - Yoga and will come to it. Anyhow, we are as a result of activities in either case we obtain a plastic muscle and nerve fibers, relaxed and came to the tone of the internal organs and skin, improve blood circulation, normalize metabolism - in general, required absolutely great feeling and craving for life.

Well, apart from lyric retreats, you should note the following: it is always necessary to approach to the choice of programs intelligently. The clubs will not be simpler variation (Yoga and Yoga - here will combine the different classes of practice). At clubs poserezney but also specialized centers will ask what ye prefer from Hatha Yoga (the main "preached" in clubs discipline - job more with the body, but also includes Spirituality) Iyengar Yoga (most physiological-named) yoga kundal (yoga movement, paired exercises, work with the chakras - all for awakening the Kundalini energy) or Ashtanga yoga (logically related mobile and energetic chain poses build strength and endurance + concentration practice).

In general, of course, at first these subtleties might seem to someone, quite frankly, too far. But did tell these correspond to your classes in context of your dreams (should it be hard to work out muscles if the idea of ​​a hike - "enlightened"). Of course, there are important and yet very different moments. Thus, professionals complain that such 'going enlightens "I - a dime a dozen. It is in some sense "information pollution" of our consciousness. There are no miracles. Sometimes - work. And serious. This understanding comes after even first class, although glimpses of thoughts go immediately. And the presentation of the material depends on the instructor. But this is all completely different story. So watch out for materials GetFit - and mysterious Yoga cease to be so very mysterious;)

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