Qigong: Learn how to manage your energy

Qigong: Learn how to manage your energy
 Oriental philosophy is based on the ability to manage its internal vital energy called qi. And the teaching qigong just covers the basics of mastering them, so as not to affect the mood of you, while you're at it.
 Apathy as depression - the scourge of modern society. Person ceases to engage themselves and their lives, given the will flow and limp sails on it. The entire eastern wisdom for centuries was based on the idea that we have a special energy circulates. All negative due either to a lack of energy, or its over. Maintaining flow in perfect condition - is the goal of any Eastern philosophy

Qigong - the direction of Chinese culture, which in our time is becoming better known in other countries. Its name contains the word "chi", which, in fact, present everywhere and is denoted permeates all life energy. A "gun" - a designation of any class that requires both energy and time. Recall, for example, Kung Fu (or in the European transcription - kung fu).

According to this doctrine, there are three main centers of power - Earth, Heaven and Man. Of course, to know it all in full, have to go to China and find the real masters. But do not go that far. Experience and believe in the real impact of the Asian and practices can be in their apartment. Learn the basics of movement of human energy "Qi" is quite capable to anyone interested.

There are many ways to master this art. For example, start a fitness center, buy the book on management of "chi" or disc with bouts of exercise.

For example, there are some fairly simple exercise with the "ball" of energy.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, straightened. Hands freely hanging along the body, palms facing back. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. 4 times a deep breath and exhale, inflate the stomach at the same time. And it appears that as long as you breathe, the energy going, flows to the palm.

Now start to rock the body so that the legs and pelvis remained motionless, his arms hung limp, beaten on the body, as if they do not belong to you.

Bend your elbows and fingertips connect as if in the hands you the ball. On the exhale, expand them from themselves and straighten your arms, directing them down. On the inhale, raise your arms up, spread to the sides as you exhale.

It's only a bit of exercise, but if you go on the way of studying energy "chi", then you'll have to master a complex.

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