Nine tips to improve balance

Nine tips to improve balance
 Without the ability to maintain balance, that is in an upright position at all, even the most unfavorable situation, it is impossible to imagine a normal human life. But over the years the authorities responsible for it, wear out, and there are many problems that a young man few people think.

When winter comes

As practice shows, the greatest inconvenience in winter-related falls and injuries, is the older generation, whose age is close to 70. It would seem that in this situation can only complain about the negligence of public services and years of which have nowhere to go. But all is not hopeless. With a strong desire can be too if you do not fully restore the former reaction is markedly improve matters. Only need to do them.

9 Steps to a good balance

Step One. Health.
Start by strengthening the cardiovascular system. Given the age, do not give the body a prohibitive burden. Physiotherapy is able to fix the heart muscle, blood vessels and normalize weight. The resulting energy boost very soon affect gait, movements will give confidence and improve balance.

Step Two. Work Out.
To walk without losing balance, it is sometimes necessary to stand on one leg. Initially, the hard floor, then on a thick rug, while achieving good results - on the floor, covered with a wet foam.

Step Three. Practice.
Great success can be a presence in the city centers, practitioners of tai chi, or hatha yoga. In the eastern practices are special exercises for balance training.

Step Four. Control.
Good exercises help to move the body weight using a digital scale. Initially, the weight of each leg are aligned, then the body weight is transferred from one foot to another, then again equalized. This exercise can be gradually complicate moving weight diagonally through squats.

Step Five. Exercises.
To reduce the vibrations of the body to perform a variety of movements necessary to move from step to fast walking with simultaneous pereshagivaniya through the objects that fall along the way.

Step Six. Stretching.
You should definitely do improve the flexibility of the body. There is an excellent technique developed in the United States - stretching, stretching promotes muscle.

Step Seven. Sport.
One should always be confident. Regular exercise increases self-esteem, help to overcome fear, relieve muscle tension.

Step Eight. Comfort.
Together with the doctor must conduct an audit of drugs taken and remove those that affect the balance. It is necessary to do and shoes. Insoles insoles will be very useful.

Step Nine. Individualization.
In such an important matter as the development of balance, it is better to trust the professionals who can help you develop an individual program of physical rehabilitation.

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