Fighting stoop

 In order to look slimmer, not enough to have a thin waist and thighs tightened. You can be thin and change the diet, but it seem unattractive because of inability to properly behave. After harmony - it is also a gait and posture. Hunched back spoils even owners of the most beautiful pieces.  

Modern women really pay much attention to the fight against obesity. Many involved in fitness, go out dancing or aerobics. Each has tried more than one diet. But the real problem today - not so much excess weight as a slouch.

Most of us have to spend long hours in front of computer monitors. We used to hear that it is very harmful to the eyes, but no less harmful for the many hours of sitting and back. Change the modern world, we can not, but we can pay attention to the existing problems and protect themselves.

To begin with, what habits must be eradicated.

Habit 1

If your work involves long sitting in front of a computer, or if you have a lot to write by hand, you do not interfere with school rules to remember sitting at a desk. Do not write or print so that your elbows hang down. Arrange your workspace so that you can fully rely hands on the table.

Habit 2

There is nothing better than after a hard day lie down on the sofa and watch a movie. But if you want to look slim and graceful, that the habit should be abandoned. Absolutely contraindicated for posture read, eat or watch TV in bed.

Habit 3

Another addiction - crosses his arms over his chest. This is very damaging posture. If so you have nowhere to do with his hands, then put them in the same way as used to put on the chest, but only at the back.

If you want to look attractive and graceful, then to eradicate bad habits does not hurt to add the daily performance of a few simple exercises.

Exercise 1

Stand up against the wall at a distance of 20-30 cm straighten your back. Turn left, leaning his hands against the wall. Try to put your hands as far as possible the right to increase the angle of rotation. Fix this position. Then turn to the right, trying to take his hands as much as possible to the left. Repeat turning several times. It is important that when cornering feet never left the ground.

Exercise 2

Sit on a chair or on the knees, straighten your back and spread your arms to the sides, palms up. Bend your arms, as if trying to keep your elbows together behind his back. With the main stress you feel in the shoulder blades. Repeat this movement several times. Then stretch your arms forward and bend your back in the opposite direction. Stretch a few seconds to relax the muscles of the back. This set of exercises is best performed multiple times.

Exercise 3

Stand up straight and lean forward. Put your hands in the hand. The back should be straight. Then start Mahi hands up and down. This exercise is well known to us, from the curriculum for physical education as a "mill".

Exercise 4

Get on all fours around the chair. Put outstretched arms on the seat. The distance should be such that the head almost touches the edge of the chair. Drag on the floor face, thus, without bending arm. Then lower your hands, put it back on all fours and vygnete back up. Repeat the treatment several times.

Bertha Breuer

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