Leni Riefenstahl: Triumph of the Will

Leni Riefenstahl: Triumph of the Will
 Life Leni Riefenstahl became a model for the triumph of will - the will of life itself. She died at the age of 100 years - a figure unthinkable for most of his contemporaries. Faithful companion of life by 40 years younger Leni, but the age difference was not noticeable: 70 she bravely plunges underwater filming is done in general more than two thousand dives.  

Leni Riefenstahl secret probably lies in its unbending will - it brings to the end of all of that just comes from. With 5 years Bertha Amalie Riefenstahl Helena engaged in swimming, gymnastics, rollerblading and learning to play the piano. Incredibly active and busy child. Leni brilliant student, wanted to dance on the big stage and even took dancing lessons. Strict father wanted to see her in the family business, but Leni lunging at the scene. But a knee injury permanently close the entrance to the world of dance.

In 20 years, Leni passionate about cinema. Her beauty, energy and obsession with work made it possible to get on the other side of the screen - Leni in films, and by the end of the 20s of the last century its name is known all over Europe. Along the way, she takes photographs in this area has an incredible success.

Riefenstahl's first film - "Blue Light" - in many respects would be prophetic: Leni very loved and hated, like her heroine. As Yount, the heroine of the film, Leni in the future will be deprived of all its ideals.

Accidentally hitting a political rally, Riefenstahl was struck by Hitler's speech. She immediately wrote a huge enthusiastic letter to the Fuhrer, who has long followed the fate of bright actress and director. She was invited to a private audience, and then asked to become the director of a documentary film about the Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg.

30 cameras, 36 operators with 80 assistants, 20 hours a day, 6 months and installation work - as a result, the screens out the fatal "Triumph of the Will." It was a huge, unprecedented in its scale performance is a triumph of totalitarianism, where there are no individuals, only the total weight of the mighty.

It was rumored that Leni was invited to make something similar to Stalin and Mussolini. "Triumph of the Will" has inspired thousands of people to join the Nazi party, even though she Riefenstahl member of the party and did not.

Leni later recognized to be forced to admit that Hitler was wrong, that is not immediately saw in it the madness and cruelty. In his defense, Riefenstahl says that not only shoot your movie to promote. She acted primarily as a painter, who shot expressive and bright film about what is happening: the rebirth of the nation, of the universal hopes to work and the long-awaited peace. In addition, the Fuhrer personally asked her, how could you deny the Fuhrer?

"Triumph of the Will" is still considered one of the best documentary films in cinema history, despite the fact that in most countries showing this movie is officially banned.

In 1945, Leni Riefenstahl was arrested, she was accused of collaborating with the Nazis. Three years she spent in an internment camp, went through several trials, spent two years in a madhouse. As a result, with the actress and producer made the accusation in the promotion of fascism, but her reputation was ruined for life - most people have no doubt that she was the mistress of Hitler and was aware of everything happening, tacitly endorsing Nazi atrocities.

In all her subsequent works wary public and critics saw echoes of Nazi ideology and secret signs. Until the end of life of Leni had to answer the question whether the artist is the political responsibility for their creativity or it is free from any morality.

She died without pain, as if life just decided to exclude it from further games or finally give freedom and let go in peace.

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