Legends: Joe Dassin

Legends: Joe Dassin
 His life was like a short, but bright flash. Despite the fact that the earth Joe Dassin was released just over forty years of his life, he was in those years had to make a wonderful musical career and become the idol of millions. Do not accidentally say that true talent is tested by time. For decades, Dassin dead, and the songs of the French chanson still sound everywhere.  

Despite the fact that the whole world knows Dassin as a true French singer, he was born in the United States, in New York. The family of Joseph Ira, or simply Joe was creative father - actor and director, his mother - a violinist. Together, they took part in amateur productions staged in the summer work camps of Jewish youth, on this ground and closer. In addition to the first-born, have Dassin (real name - Dassiny, accent on the first syllable) were born two daughters, who later also went on a musical path.

Despite the many children, soon the pair Dassin - Dassin divorced. Joe and his father moved to France, but in Europe stayed long. After studying at the Swiss University, he returned to the States, where he enrolled in the University of Michigan. He studied at the ethnographer and evening entertaining yourself and your friends play the guitar. For a while, he even worked part time in the evenings seasonal singer in theater, but at the request of his father, the director wrote a couple of songs for his film, but of a musician and not a thought. Dassin sang what he liked: it was a strange mixture of American folk and French chanson.

However, it soon became clear to his vocal works there were also other fans. In France, a friend of Joe named Maryse (later she would become his wife) decided to make a lover a surprise. Secret from him, she recorded a house concert Dassin on tape and sending a "right people". Songs of the young Franco-Americans began playing on the radio. However, much success they have earned. On the other hand, and more importantly, Dassin went on two iconic for his rights. Poets Claude Pierre Delanoe and Lemesle offered Joe bother with writing lyrics and music do better. So he did. And - not lost. Joint creative trio songs became instant hits first in France and then throughout the world. After the concert in the Soviet Union and our fellow citizens have fallen in love with a handsome curly dreamy smile, the conclusions of the French "If it were not for you ..."

Unfortunately, the private life of Joe Dassin developed not as successful as his career. With Maryse he broke up after their newborn son died. New love Joe, blond Christine, was a woman with a complex character, also experimented with drugs. She gave birth to the singer sons same age, which he tried to sue her after the divorce. Court leaned to the side of the famous father ... but Dassin from experiences collapsed with a heart attack. As soon as he felt a little better, he gathered the sons and flew with them to Tahiti. Unfortunately, the children returned back without the pope: the second attack was for Joe Dassin fatal. He died right at the dinner table, in the presence of his friend and colleague Claude Lemel, the man who wrote the songs for the legendary words, "If it were not for you ..."

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