Ivan Bunin: in the dark alleys of the soul

Ivan Bunin: in the dark alleys of the soul
 Ivan Bunin - one of the most famous Russian classics, the flowering of creativity which took place in the years of emigration. His books have been banned for many years in our country, and a collection of "Dark Alleys" equate to erotic literature.

Ivan Bunin was born on October 10, 1870 in Voronezh. Future classic literature arm received mostly educated at home, in which he was assisted elder brother Julius. An extensive home library, which includes the book's greatest foreign and Russian writers, including - rare and ancient specimens, instilled a love of Ivan and word reading. At a young age Bunin began to write poetry, and in 1987 published his poetry for the first time.

Within a few years, the young Bunin worked in several newspapers, however, he soon realized that his main vocation - literature, and oral devoted himself to this task. In his poetry and prose, he maintained the tradition of classical literature. His works are largely autobiographical ("Antonovsky apples", "Life of Arsenyev) and reveal exciting while writer threads. Bunin like a presentiment of imminent collapse of the Russian Empire and the disappearance of the nobility - as a consequence.

Ivan was a staunch opponent of the October Revolution, and creativity of the period ("Cursed Days") is very symbolic reflects the mood of the writer. After the Revolution, Bunin first moved to Odessa, and in 1920 - France. In exile, the writer devotes a lot of time journalism, still criticized Bolshevism. Of course, the way to Russia for him has been closed. It was only after the end of World War II Bunin received permission to return, but he did not take advantage of this opportunity.

In 1933 the writer was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. One of the most widely read works of Bunin is a collection of stories "Dark Alleys". For many years, this book was banned for publication in our country and equated to almost pornographic literature. Of course, for the external erotic narrative hidden deep philosophical problems. The tragedy of human existence, the inevitability of mental anguish - all of this is reflected in the "dark alleys." Ivan Bunin died in Paris in 1953.

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