The incredible story of Diane de Poitiers

The incredible story of Diane de Poitiers
 One of the most enigmatic figures of French history, Diane de Poitiers was considered the most beautiful and richest woman in France. The life story of Diana brings us back to the era of the French Renaissance. This is the story of the most famous royal love triangle, which pierced the spirit of romance and rivalry.

Diane de Poitiers was born in 1499 in the castle of San Valley in France. At age 15, parents are given a girl married to Louis de Breese, Comte de Molvre, who was older than Diana for 39 years. As a result of this marriage were born two daughters, but soon the husband of Diana dies, and it is a long time for him mourning.

After her husband's death she started to wear only white and black robes that became her trademark and perfectly emphasized her pale face and red hair. Unlike most women of her time, Diana was very interested in the financial and legal issues, and after the death of her husband took over all responsibilities for managing the land.

However, the life of Diane de Poitiers completely overturned when she met with Henry II. Diana Henry knew from early childhood. At age 12, they became friends even more, 39-year-old Diana became a teacher and counselor of the young Henry. The naked eye it was clear that the young king himself was extremely captivated by the beauty and grace of Diana. In 1533, Henry married Catherine de 'Medici, and Diana played a role in the organization of the marriage. The fact that Catherine was a distant relative of Diana, Diana, and through it got unlimited access to power.

After the death of King Francis I became Henry II. Coronation of Henry II was a real triumph of Diana, and his wife - a real queen, relegated to second place. Even during the coronation of Henry sat on the throne next to his lover, Catherine and sent to the back rows. Diane de Poitiers received from Geriha full control over all the affairs of France. It collects taxes, was in charge of appointments, run by the Ministry decides on the issues with foreign states, led an active correspondence with the pope. In 1545, Diane de Poitiers received the honorary title of the Duchesse de Valentinois.

One can imagine that such power is very worried about the real Diana Henry's wife Catherine de Medici, who was listed as always in the background. She had to put up with the fact that Diana has full control of their marriage with Henry spends all day long, gets untold wealth and meaningful title. For the first time your character Catherine showed on the eve of the death of Henry. Henry II was mortally wounded in the tournament, and the Queen has banned Diana to approach the dying lover. After the king's death, Diana also was not allowed to attend the funeral.

His last years Diana lived peacefully in his castle Anet, where she died at the age of 66 years. Until the last day of his life, Diana struck surrounding its enduring beauty. Her beauty was immortalized in many paintings that adorn the walls of museums today. Throughout his life, Diana was an active patron of art, music and poetry, and was considered one of the most educated and erudite women of her time.

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