Supermarket from A to Z

Supermarket from A to Z
 Some believe that shopping trip - it's quite easy and pleasant experience, and even the choice of products presented as non-burdensome process. However, modern supermarkets require maximum concentration of visitors, because they represented the range, plenty of people and distracting influences, different advertising techniques, confuse and provoke unnecessary purchases.  

To hike in the supermarket took a minimal amount of time, retained strength and proved effective, it is necessary to know some alphabet behavior.

First of all, think over a list of prospective purchases. It is important to see, in what store you go to, and the order in which it is located in the departments. If you will make a chaotic list, then either it is useless (if you start to stick to the logic of the merchandise, the proposed store), or start to rush, greatly increasing the time spent there.

In general, to better focus on the following recommendations: the last to make purchases of fruits and vegetables, as well as products that can be stored in the refrigerator. Start with the things that you can put or put in a basket, without fear that they pomnutsya. If you can not predict what a supermarket visit, do not pre-plan a route: Follow the specified paths, but do not forget that on the front shelves usually are products whose manufacturers have paid more to attract the attention of buyers, and on the back can often be expired products.

Impact on the needs of the buyer made a huge number of ways: it shares, smells, even the music. Often you can hear relaxing motives leading into the kind of trance. So try to go shopping if you realize that the ability to focus, as well as having sufficient time. Knowledge is not always save us from the reaction, but it is worth to read about ways of advertising exposure to the buyer and to learn more about the psychological techniques to be able to cope with at least some of them.

Not to be lost in an abundance of colorful packaging for information only learn packaging of the products. Do not assume a description of the proposed shopping: they may contain correct, but incomplete information.

The quality of the products you have to be judged solely by its appearance. But even a simple analysis will instantly understand how responsibly in the supermarket are suitable for storage of frozen food: ice-covered, crumpled pack suggests that it is better to leave them in the supermarket. Most dairy products, including cheese, should be in a special cooling zone.

Another difficulty that you will encounter in a supermarket - busy traffic and the need to constantly maneuver between the wheelchair and baskets. Save the situation can only exercise and a healthy sense of humor and teach myself not to respond to the criticisms of others and yourself and watch carefully to your chosen means for transporting the selected products as much as possible not to clutter up the aisle. Do not be distracted no discussion, so you save time and effort.

And most importantly - to assess their strength. You know your body and can imagine how much time he can poddezhrivat concentration. Imagine about how long you soak oppressive atmosphere of a supermarket without going to automatically emptying the shelves and put on your phone alarm clock, which for ten or fifteen minutes would remind you of the need to move to the checkout ponapravleniyu.

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