Rules of Life Swinton

Rules of Life Swinton
 British aristocrat Katherine Matilda Swinton childhood was considered a rebel in those circles where her family revolved. Instead of becoming a socialite or a political career, Tilda is written first, the Communist Party of Great Britain, and later became an actress of independent cinema.
 While the whole world knows it as Tilda, the protocol it - Katherine Matilda, daughter of Lord and Lady Swinton, a representative of one of the oldest families of Scotland and classmate Lady Diana Spencer. Childhood spent in the elite private school for children of aristocrats, Tilda still recalls with a shudder - because teachers forbade her to listen to music. For the young lady was considered a decent choral singing, and Miss Swinton has become one of the best singers. With the success she participated in school theater productions, showed early interest in drama.

After college Tilda first surprised the family: she joined the Communist Party of England and left for two years in Central Africa, to teach the poor Kenyan children. However, the attraction to the scene made itself felt: returning to the UK, Swinton joined the troupe of the legendary Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford. Any newcomer would have been happy to play leading roles in Shakespeare's plays, but not in the rules Swinton be like everyone else. She left for the classics of experimental productions in one of Scottish theater, where she met her future husband and father of her children-twins, and soon attracted to cinema.

Tilda Swinton long time remained "widely known in narrow circles" actress who starred in the low-budget experimental films. Nevertheless, his work it was fully satisfied, playing a woman, and gave up the sin of incest, the modern Virgin Mary, to hide from the paparazzi. In biting and Tagged drama "All that's left of Britain" she parodied Princess Diana, his old friend at a private school.

The turning point in the life of Swinton became a landmark film "Orlando" in which the actress with her androgenic appearance, brilliantly played by a man who was the first man of his life, and the second - a woman. The role of Orlando Tilda brought victory at the Venice Film Festival - and a bunch of invitations from leading directors. However, the gloss of Hollywood has not made any impression on her "alien" as dubbed by its critics, continues to choose roles in strange strange film.

Swinton is known to the general public mainly for working with Leonardo DiCaprio in the thriller "The Beach", as well as the role of the evil witch "Chronicles of Narnia". Popularity Tilda added "Oscar", produced in 2008 for best supporting actress in the film "Michael Clayton." However, the actress for the award were skeptical, saying that "it would be better sent by mail."

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