Rosa Parks - freedom fighter

Rosa Parks - freedom fighter
 In 2005 in Detroit, Michigan, buried darky seamstress, died at the age of 92 years. The coffin with her body was put in the presidential hall of the Capitol, reports from the funeral appeared in all the major newspapers in the United States. And the first rows of seats all Michigan buses that day were covered with mourning ribbons. So the world said goodbye to Rosa Parks - and fragile woman known fighter for racial equality in America.
 South Alabama, where she was born in 1913, Rosa Parks (McCauley), is still considered the US one of the most conservative and racist territories. What can we say about the beginning of the twentieth century! Family Rose was a multinational, but the Negro genes dominated the Indian and European, so in the eyes of the "white" racists black girl was unconditional man "second class". Growing up, Rose did not want to put up with the status quo. She joined the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and among colleagues was considered an active fighter for civil rights and freedom "color".

However, social work did not bring money, and earning a living, Rosa Parks in the morning until late at night sitting at the sewing machine in the factory at a clothing store. Home, she, like most "black", returns to the normal public transport. A trip that changed not only her life, but also the way of America, there was 1 December 1955. Then the driver saw that the bus go "white" passengers demanded that blacks who were traveling in the cabin free seats. At that time, nothing unusual in his order was not, and familiar to all "colored" silently obeyed. Sitting left alone rose when angered vodites asked why, forty-year woman said simply: "I'm too tired."

For refusing to give way to the Rosa Parks was judged by the article "violation of public order." However, to protect the brave novice seamstress stood Baptist minister, a black Martin Luther King. With its filing blacks Alabama boycott bus fleet, "colored" during the year did not go to public transport, moving on foot or in a taxi driven by drivers were black. Transportation facilities staff thus suffered serious losses. But defenders of America joined the protest. According to its results the US Supreme Court ruled in 1956 decree banning racial segregation in the provision of bus transport services.

Rosa Parks became a symbol of generations of America. After moving to Detroit, she continued to fight for the rights of his people, and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom - the highest award of the United States. Unfortunately, Mrs. Parks did not live to see the day when the president of her country became a black man. However, even when her life was appointed Secretary of State of America Condoleezza Rice, who told the media that his success in politics is, "color", owes much to Rosa Parks and the cause of her life.

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