Romano Ricci

Romano Ricci
 Great-grandson of the legendary French-Italian designer Nina Ricci decided to go in the footsteps of her great-grandmother. Romano Ricci, long known in secular circles in Europe as an avid party-goer, suddenly decided to find the case in life and became the head of the fashion house Juliette has a gun.
 Ricci in France - not just a name, Ricci - a brand. In the early twentieth century, a talented dressmaker Nina (Marie) Ricci managed to build an empire by opening a Paris fashion house, which can be purchased not only trendy clothes from fashion-collections, but also leather goods, accessories, and later perfume. The idea to launch perfume line from the House of Nina Ricci belonged to his son Robert. The first fragrance "Zeitgeist" became a sensation, and Robert helped his mother run the family business until his death in 1988. Nina Ricci House later headed Gilles Fuchs, the adopted son of the great dressmakers.

Grandson and great-grandson of Robert Nina Romano Ricci for the time being no interest in fashion and perfumes did not show. "Gold," the boy was mainly busy that family capital spending at parties, earning a reputation as a charming loafers, yes I am expensive sports cars. And at 22 years old, pretty surprising others, handsome Romano suddenly announced that it "leaped genes grandmother" and opened his own perfume house, giving him the intricate name Juliette has a gun («Juliet with a gun"). Fan of Shakespeare, Ricci decided to play the most famous name of his character and for each new flavor writes a story about a modern Juliet. It is subject to passions, can stand up for themselves and only vaguely reminiscent of the young girl, who has decided to die in the name of love.

Start a business, Romano just say, that intends to engage in the production of perfumes is not for money but for pleasure. He set strict conditions bordering on eccentricity, for example, under penalty of dismissal prohibited employees of stores selling perfume brand their men, saying that against all kinds of "unisex". Party-goer and womanizer Romano Ricci does not hide his love for women: they - his main passion in life. In second place - the machine is now in the third - perfumes.

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