Rock and roll passion fatal Girls: 5 men Kate Moss

Rock and roll passion fatal Girls: 5 men Kate Moss
 Briton Kate Moss, breaking the monopoly of high and glamorous ladies on the catwalks of the world in the 1990s ushered in an era skinny teenage models. Moss, accustomed to shock the public, became famous for his temper, love of endless partying and drug addiction. Needless to say that the personal life model has always been a tasty morsel for the paparazzi. But only five men of all an impressive list of her lovers, at different times, one way or another affect it, have a special place in her life.  
 With 20 years of novice photographer Mario Sorrenti glossy magazines young Kate met during a photo shoot for an advertising campaign perfume Calvin Klein, held on the island, where apart from them no one else was. This survey, in which 17-year-old girl she visited as a photographer, making some very candid shots Sorrenti, marked the beginning of their romance.

When Moss modeling career began to gain momentum before it opened the doors to the best clubs and restaurants, and men's hearts at the sight of beauty began to beat the drum roll. Jealous Sorrenti became increasingly roll Kate scandals about it. As a fragile girl in anger did not yield her boyfriend, jealousy became a regular place in the public eye. As a result, the couple parted: addicted to a model of society parties, after the ultimatum Sorrenti, prefer them to his beloved.

Scandalous novel model with sex symbol 90s Johnny Depp was a real feast for the tabloids. Being introduced in the Parisian cafe "Tobacco", they would seem to have found each other in their love for get-togethers Johnny is not a bit inferior to his famous girlfriend. During those 4 years, which were metered their romance, the couple parted several times and go back every time figuring rapidly relationship. In 1998, Johnny traded bright Kate demure Vanessa Paradis, and morally crushed later models had to undergo treatment at the clinic.

After a course of rehabilitation, and replacing a lot of lovers in 2001 at a party thrown by fashion magazine Dazed & Confused Moss met with his publisher Jefferson Hekom from which a year later gave birth to a daughter, Lila Grace. In an effort to be a good wife and mother, Kate threw meaningless parties and stopped drinking alcohol. But gossip about her drug addiction, which are continuously discussed in the press since the time of her pregnancy, was forced to break off their relationship Hack. Baby Lily was not even 1 and 5 years old, when Moss curled media that Hack was too good for her, and again plunged into the bohemian life.

In 2005, in his 31 th birthday, the model met the 26-year-old Famously punk musician Pete Doherty, who was expelled from the group for drugs and disorderly conduct. Kate's first attempts to cure her lover from drug addiction eventually fully shared with him this destructive habit. Once in a nightclub model was seen snorting cocaine, she was charged with drug abuse and trafficking, the majority of employers to terminate the contract with her, and Hack promptly sued the application for a full custody of their common daughter.

It is not known what would it all end, if in 2007, Kate has not learned about the change of his Blessed. Dignity prevailed over addiction and, with the support of his old friend Stella McCartney and her influential father, Moss, broke off relations with the musician, and finally heard from him in his address epithet "old bag", was able to rehabilitate himself in the eyes of the public.

Soon famous model comforted in the arms of the musicians of The Kills Jamie Hince. Calling the world of glamor kretinskie, Hince seeking to stay away from him, nevertheless really loves Kate. Their diverging interests manifested in the fact that the rocker have not drink alcohol and do not eat meat. But, apparently, and complete opposites can be happy with each other. In August 2010, the couple arranged an informal wedding in one of the Sicilian churches, allowing them to avoid the annoying attention from the press. However, the paparazzi leave destitute lovers did not intend in July 2011 Moss and Hince staged a grand in its scope of a wedding ceremony in the village Sausrop located in the south-west of England.

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