Meet Anna Bol'shova

Meet Anna Bol'shova
 Bol'shova Anna L. was born in a family of intellectuals, January 26, 1976 in Moscow. Parents - physics, and his grandmother - a real prima provincial scene, played the tragic role. Anya and her older sister Lena from childhood trying to enter into the world of beauty. Being a student of elementary school, Anna was already extremely busy. Skiing, foreign language, art, singing and swimming - for the entire time the girl is.

Lena - beloved sister and girlfriend Anna, a child not only repudiate the role of the nurse, but, on the contrary, willing to play with the baby, taught reading, writing, multiplication table. The guests are always coming out with the girls, and Anna felt perfectly in focus.

In seventh grade, Anna enters the Lyceum Theatre "Harlequin". A year later, the set comes in GITIS on experimental course faculty director. Anya arrives.

1995 - after the end of RATA (Golubovsky rate) plays in the Drama Theater. Gogol ("Comedy of Frol Skobelev" (Varya), "faithful wife" S. Maugham (Marie Louise).

1998 - "Lenk" performance "Hoax" (Pannochka), "The Royal Game" (Anne Boleyn), "Juno and Avos" (Conchita).

Film debut was the series "With the new happiness! ". But Anna has received recognition for his role as Natasha in the series "Request Stop". In a career of actress lot of great roles, and it is not the limit.

Bol'shova danced with skater Alexei Tikhonov on the project "Stars on Ice" on the First Channel, and in 2009 participated in the show "Ice Age", with Povilas Vanagas took 3rd place.

Bol'shova was married to Anton Kanayeva (son of the second wife of her father). Now Anna is married to artist Alexander Makarenko. Incidentally, the actress is interested in painting, her picture was presented at the "Declaration of Love" in 2001. In 2008, Anne gave birth to a son, Daniel.

Bol'shova Anna and her family (except his mother) live in "communities of a healthy lifestyle." Spiritual mentor Asmita (the second wife of his father Ani) practicing the teachings of the mystic from India (methods rout, hypnosis). Community exists at the expense of its inhabitants. Anna opened a school for children "Helicopter" and teaches there is role-playing games. Sister and husband Ani as teachers of music and drawing.

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