Lovers of Indian cinema is dedicated to ...

Lovers of Indian cinema is dedicated to ...
 Big Story of Indian cinema began a small ad in the newspaper. July 7, 1896 - the day of birth of cinema in India. On this day, the Lumière brothers first brought to India "Cinematograph". The first sessions are carried out in Bombay, the hotel under the name "Watson". But the first show on July 14, just in Bombay, but in the theater "Novelti." Demonstrated simple stories about the arrival of the train, about bathers or a storm at sea, parade Guard etc.

This, but a short film shown in Mumbai fairly small number of people. But soon after this premiere is almost the entire population of the country is going in the cinemas. It is this tremendous interest in the film and served as the impetus for the birth of an entire industry for the production of films completely different genres.

For a hundred years or so has created more than 27,000 films. Some of them are fully recognized dreams, while others showed the reality of the Indian people. A huge number of both artistic and documentary films produced by 52 different languages.

In 1899 he published the first short movie, and in 1913 on the screens is already a full length feature film. By 1920, produced 20 films annually, and by 1931 - 207. This growth has led to the fact that in our time in India for the year produced around 800 feature films. During this time, Indian cinema has come a long way from the shimmering images to create and use sophisticated technology for projecting images and sounds.

Cinema has affected many areas of life of the population of India. The combination of such aspects as trade, social life, literary and artistic activities, folk epic led to a new form of art. Movie producers in various regions of the country began to make films at various dialects and languages. But only in 1931 for the first time began to use the song in the movie. And after that no one can imagine Indian cinema without songs and dances.

The history of Indian cinema has come a long and rich way. Shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939, the actors began to open their own studios. One of the first was Razhden Kapoor. In 1949, the brothers Anand create their own studio. And third ancestor of modern Indian film industry became Dilip Kumar.

The most frequently filmed melodrama, showing strong differences of city life and the provinces. In 1957, the first Indian film received a nomination for "Oscar", the name of the movie "Mother India". This was the impetus for what would make a fully commercial film industry. That, in turn, badly affected the social colorful cinema and social orientation.

Young directors and actors did not like it, they opposed the mass production of mediocre films. On their own they began almost from scratch to create the film industry of India. Superstar of contemporary Indian cinema Amitabh Bachchan became one of those activists. The final restoration took place only to the nineties of the 20th century.

India is a permanent member of various world film festivals. Indian actors with an international vocation and invite the jury of different festivals around the world. Next to the experienced actors often began to appear young new talent. Kareena Kapoor, Preity Zinta, Aishwarya Rai and many more. They are removed and work together with renowned masters of the past generation.

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