Irene Nelson: Conditional Reflex

Irene Nelson: Conditional Reflex
 Irene Nelson (real name - Tereshina), lead singer of Reflex, have a unique voice, completely reinvented the Russian dance music. Reflex Group stands out among the rest as his own unique style, and a name that makes sense.

Love for singing appeared Irina Nelson in childhood. She was born in Novosibirsk region Barabinsk. After receiving basic education in the school moved to Novosibirsk and graduated from the School of Music there in piano. While he taught at the music school. Then contact with a jazz big band and toured.

Irina worked for some time solo career under the name of Diana. The idea of ​​creating a unique group performing dance music emerged in Germany. So in 1999 there is a new project called Reflex. Irina producer, Vyacheslav Tyurin, organized a casting to find talented young artists in the group. After casting the group got Alain Torganova.

Alisher, each Vyacheslav and Irene - this is the same man, through which the band had the name - Reflex. Translated from the Latin word "reflection" means "reflection". That is why the choice of name for the project focused on the word "Reflex". Reflex as a reflection of the inner world. Conditioned reflex as an integral part of life.

According to the singers of the band, Irene Nelson, all of their songs "group is trying to break the stereotype that all people - zombies." The first songs are simple his texts that is specifically "in order not to frighten the public" from the very beginning of his career. The group is now in his songs (unfortunately, without Irina Nelson) is not afraid to express all that thinking. The band members show the audience his style of life, a reflection of his soul. The main thing - to trust the audience to dedicate them to the most outspoken. That is why today the group has a range of listeners, not small, who have learned a new way to see the world.

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