How to order fireworks for the wedding

How to order fireworks for the wedding
 So it is accepted as the most vivid significant events and holidays decorate fireworks or fireworks. Of course, for such events include the wedding party, the final of which can adequately crown colorful fireworks.

Wedding fireworks is usually a carefully selected composition in heaven or on earth that can be run in sequence and create a variety of artistic images. To really succeed fireworks and stayed long in the memory newlyweds and their guests should seriously come to his or her choice and order.

When ordering wedding fireworks must contact the experts that are high quality, observing all safety measures will be able to professionally prepare it. Order should be done in about 2 weeks before the date fixed for the celebration, to determine in advance with the budget fireworks, number of guests and the sheer scale of the event.

When ordering by phone with the organizers of the fireworks are agreed place and time of the show. This is necessary in order to experts went to the scene, examined it and decided on the possibility of fireworks. After this procedure, with the manager on the price list and photo, video content can be selected composition wedding salute. Further technical staff will be engaged in the installation and preparation for its launch.

Depending on the imagination and the client's budget, fireworks can be of various kinds:
- Fixed, ground;
- "Roman candles", "volcano", "fountains";
- "Waterfall" or "fiery-falls" (at a height of 6.4 meters from the ground);
- Last line, the figure of any complexity;
- Medium-altitude (height gap charges can reach 50 m) or altitude (height departure charges more than 50 m from the ground).

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