Elle Fanning: in the footsteps of sister

Elle Fanning: in the footsteps of sister
 American Elle Fanning, the younger sister of actress Dakota Fanning got her first film role at the age of three years. Now El thirteen, and it is considered one of the most promising rising stars in Hollywood.
 The young actress was born in 1998 in the family of former athletes. While still very young, she participated in small scenes, who plays her sister Dakota. When the older sister started acting in movies, El played her character at a younger age. For example, she sang the role in the miniseries "Kidnapped" and the drama "I - Sam." First independent role of El was in 2002 in the family comedy "Daddy." Then she starred in the drama "The Door in the Floor", where its partners in the set were Jeff Bridges and Kim Basinger, and the family film "Because of Winn Dixie."

In 2006, the screens went 4 film project featuring Elle Fanning. In the drama of Alejandro González Iñárritu "Babylon" actress played the daughter of the characters Cate Blanchett and Brad Pitt also got El small roles in fiction series "The Lost Room" and the blockbuster "Deja Vu". In the same period, the young star with her sister participated in voicing cartoon "My Neighbor Totoro".

In 2008, Elle Fanning charmed audiences with his play in the drama "Phoebe in Wonderland". Her heroine, nine-year-Phoebe Lichten, not like all the children, so she had quite a difficult relationship with others. According to critics, El successfully coped with such a complex role.

In 2010, the actress starred in Sofia Coppola's "Somewhere." El noticed Francis Ford Coppola and gave her a role in his wee ghost thriller "Between now and the sunrise", released in rent in 2011. In the same year in theaters was fantastic blockbuster "Super 8", in which Elle Fanning performed one of the leading roles. Producer of the film was made by Steven Spielberg.

In addition to his film work, Elle Fanning has worked with Marc Jacobs, seriously engaged in ballet, taking vocal lessons, and in his spare time writing screenplays. Undoubtedly, this beautiful and talented girl has a great future.

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