Decorations for holidays and everyday

Decorations for holidays and everyday
 Jewellery can be different: concise and lush, humble and catchy, bright and monochrome. Also, they can be divided into those that are designed for everyday life, and those that are used only for the holidays. So what is the difference between them?

Stylish and specially selected jewelry is able to set the tone for the appearance of a woman. Is able to emphasize the dignity and hide flaws. It can even do a full Woman thinner and thinner. The main thing is to take only what is exactly this individual.

Jewellery for every day should be chosen based on the attire. Strict business suit will not tolerate frivolous colored plastic bracelets wide and huge massive earrings. For daily working costume accessory needs quiet, not flashy, gentle. They do not necessarily have to be expensive. After all, expensive - does not mean good.

In general, for an ideal decoration to choose not aggressive, and neat, discreet colors. But this, of course, if you work in an office or an owner of your own business. But the owners of creative professions (designers, journalists, singer, actress) luckier. They are not so limited office style clothes and, accordingly, decorating style. They can afford extravagant accessories every day. But in this case, running the rule "do not overdo it." After all, you can quickly get the title of "Tree of the Year".

Jewelry - it is a way to emphasize their individuality, and therefore need to think through the daily way of taking into account what kind of jewelry to be used. For example, if a woman - an adherent of "free" style - goes in the pants, Aladdin, bananas, capri pants and t-shirt - it could afford large bright decorations. Those that will be evident.

The situation is different with ornaments designed for specific occasions. Here, a woman must be a jewel in one ensemble with the dress and with each other, or expensive high-quality jewelry. Ideal for social events pearls. The main rule of decorations for the holidays - it is beautiful, but not flashy. After all, the welcome reception ladies do yourself hairstyles, dresses evening dresses. And this way of accessories should only complement, but not to interrupt. Therefore, for receptions earrings, rings, bracelets, chains, necklaces and pendants should be small in size.

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