Basic Instinct Sharon Stone

Basic Instinct Sharon Stone
 This film is a slight feeling of nostalgia. Which was released in 1992, he won the hearts of not only men who are fascinated by actress Sharon Stone, but the women who saw the main character Catherine Tremell - a role model, because she was so relaxed, so seductive and confident. The film "Basic Instinct" still continues to arouse deep human instincts.

"Not involved, do not judge, graduated with honors from Berklee in 83-Specialty - literature and psychology ... Catherine Tremell inherited one hundred and ten million." Add to this the visual appeal of the heroine, sexual aggression, intelligence, looseness and bisexuality, multiply it all on the intrigue, murder and passions - eventually get erotic thriller that can capture the attention of the viewer and keep him in suspense for more than two hours. Watching as heroes go on the verge of a knife blade. The viewer to the last remains in the dark as to what will happen in the next moment.

Many scenes from the film remains in the memory of viewers even after several years. It would be sacrilege not to mention the episode in the police station, where the heroine Sharon Stone shocking and intriguing leading police questioning the lack of underwear. In the United States conducted a survey among a thousand people on the subject, in which moments of the film they are often pressed the "pause". It turned out that in the first place is the most popular film "Basic Instinct", and just the time police interrogation in which Sharon Stone shifts from one foot to the other.

Another interesting fact is that at a charity auction, where as a lot exhibited kiss Sharon Stone, he has not got any of the men who took part in the tender. The lot was sold for fifty thousand dollars American Joni Rimm, which was inspired by the role of Sharon bisexual component in the film "Basic Instinct".

On the role of the protagonist was 14 contenders, and only Sharon Stone has agreed to it. For the 90s such courage and candor, which showed the actress, starring in explicit scenes, was utterly inappropriate. The role of Catherine Tremell reputation Sharon Stone fairly significantly affected, with the actress entrenched image of sexual predator.

At the box office movie "Basic Instinct" has collected about $ 112 million, while the female lead was as a fee only 750,000. In 2006 filmed the movie "Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction", where the main role again starred Sharon Stone. Unfortunately, the sequel disappointed many spectators waited same sophistication and intrigue, as in the first part.

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