Actress and film director Vera Glagoleva

Actress and film director Vera Glagoleva
 Feminine journalist Lena melodrama of "Marry a Captain," poetic nature, teacher Nona Yu in the drama "Do not shoot the white swans", a strange girl singing in the musical film "About you" ... Faith Glagoleva, with its unusual appearance and unique style of acting , combining the external fragility with a hidden force was and remains one of the most popular Russian actresses.

Lack of education - not a hindrance real talent

Vera Glagoleva was born in 1956 in Moscow in the family of an engineer and a teacher, a youth archery, played for Moscow youth team. In 1974, after graduating from school, Glagoleva starred in his first film, "On the edge of the world" as the girls Sims. The film was directed Rodion Nakhapetov, soon to become her husband and continued to shoot Glagolev in his films "Enemies", "Do not shoot the white swans", "About you."

In the early 80s career Vera Glagoleva, had already mother of two daughters, continued to develop successfully. National love actress brought the role of emancipated journalist Lena in the melodrama "To marry the captain" was released in theaters in 1983.

In 1990, Vera Glagoleva always, she said, was interested in directing, manifested itself in as a director on the set of psychological drama "Broken Light" tells the dramatic fate of the unemployed actors. The film was released in wide release only after 11 years. By directing the activities Glagoleva since then no longer applied.

 During his career, the actress starred in more than thirty films, the most famous of which are: "Do not shoot the white swans" (1980), "Torpedo" (1984), "Sincerely yours" (1985), "Sniper" (1985) "It" (1989), "Oysters from Lausanne" (1993), "The Waiting Room" (1997), "Poor Sasha" (1997), "Maroseyka, 12" (2000). Over the years, the actress has developed a specific role - an independent, strong spirit of women.

From her first husband, Rodion Nahapetova, the actress has two daughters, Anne and Mary. With Nahapetova actress divorced in 1988 after 14 years of marriage. In 1990 Glagoleva married Cyril Shubsky shipbuilder. In this marriage she had a daughter Anastasia.

According to fans of the actress, time has no power over it, despite the passing years, it is still the same youthful and feminine.

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