A man of extremes Ivan Ohlobystin

A man of extremes Ivan Ohlobystin
 Movies Ivan Ohlobystina always been an original story, but it is now the protagonist of the popular series, who knows and loves the whole country. Details of the personal life of the actor and director worry many. So who is this Father John, advertises cell phones?

The family I was born Ivan Ohlobystin, extraordinary. Father - sixty head physician holiday home, his mother - a twenty-year student. Only this fact already said that the boy is unlikely to grow commonplace.

Ivan Ohlobystin - outrageous even for a person acting party. He was always considered a rebel. At first, he was expelled from the Institute of Cinematography. After military service, he made his debut as an actor, then as a director, and his work received a prestigious award.

Now Ivan's wife and six children. A total of 47 awards were awarded to him - 21 per scenario, 17 for directing and 9 for acting. Even when he was a priest, to obtain the permission of the church, Ivan continued to write screenplays. Ohlobystin motivated by the fact that it is necessary to feed the family. Most recently, he petitioned and received a temporary ban on worship, to devote himself to cinema.

All films Ohlobystina differ originality and innovative vision of life. He managed to avoid stereotyped characters and storylines and repetition of moves in the scenarios. In the movie "Leg" he plays a Man who lost a leg in the war, which soon begins to haunt him, and specify what to do. "Referee" - mystical thriller where the police helps Avengers killer accused evade justice. And this is just one of his first works.

Some movies Ohlobystina shock the public, and even after ten years they are still vigorously debated by the public. For example, "Down House" - the script was written to him on the novel by Dostoevsky Roman Kachanov together with Okhlobystin. There's Prince Myshkin acquainted with Rogozhin, helping him carry the iron door that conceals it from a sniper. Gan with her sister inject in an art gallery. And in the final picture Rogozhin and Myshkin eat feet Nastasia Filip. And the film "DMB" scenario to which Ivan wrote under the impression of his own military service, heavy damage prestige of the army and introduced the fashion of stories of this kind.

Family-Oriented, undermining their work social values, a priest who can not renounce wealth. Such Ohlobystin Ivan, a man of extremes.

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