How to tighten the press

How to tighten the press
 Beautiful tight stomach - cherished desire of many people. Achieve a good result is not difficult, the main thing - to pay the daily training of at least 40 minutes and watch your diet. There are a set of exercises that help tighten the press as soon as possible.
 General recommendations

Initially prepare schedule of classes. Determine the time and duration of your workouts. At first, the exercises are performed with a minimum number of approaches, gradually increasing the load. Thus, in a month you will experience a visible result. Do not forget also about the proper and balanced diet. Eliminate from your diet fried, fatty, sweet foods and alcohol. Healthy eating and physical exercise will give you a set of excellent results.

Exercise 1

Starting position - lying on his back. Legs bend at the knees, feet, lower the surface. Hands holding his head, elbows open your hand to. Gently lift the legs, keeping the knees straight angle. Gradually lift the upper body, straining the muscles of the abdomen. As you exhale, pull your right knee to your left shoulder. Inhalation align. Repeat with left knee and right shoulder. Then slowly return to its original position. This exercise is recommended to repeat 8-10 times, in 4 sets.

Exercise 2

Starting position - lying on his back. Extend hands along the body. Legs a little lift, bending at the knees at an angle of 90 degrees. For the convenience of the exercise ankle scratches. Gently lift your head and shoulders off the floor, pulling the right hand to the heel of the left foot. Keep the waist to keep with the surface. Secure in this position for several seconds and gradually return to their original position. Repeat, pulling your left hand to right heel. When pulling do a deep breath, and when returning the body to its original position breath. Perform this exercise 10-12 times recommended by 5 sets.

Exercise 3

Starting position - lying on his back. Legs bend at the knees, cross your hands behind your head. Take care that during exercise the waist is not detached from the floor. Head slightly lift up, not touching the chin chest. Gradually pull the legs up, lifting the pelvis. Fix in this position for a few seconds. Keep breathing, it must be even. Slowly return to starting position. This exercise is recommended to repeat 10-15 times for 4-5 sets.

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