How to increase lean body mass

How to increase lean body mass
 It's no secret that developed musculature - the key to good health. Increase lean body mass in the gym can be quite fast, most importantly adhere to the basic principles of the training cycle, nutrition and recovery.
 Select a gym close to home, as have a lot of training. Three workouts a week - the best option for both novice and held for athletes. If you follow the basic rules of bodybuilding, then very soon become the owner of the excellent musculature.

Talk to your doctor about your training activity. He will write you recommendations on what can and what can not overextend. Health is better not to risk it. Also consult with him about buying vitamins and amino acids - they can significantly accelerate the process of increasing muscle mass for the benefit of the body.

Training, designed for quick muscle gain, should take place as follows. Know your maximum weight on each simulator, and then do a set of 5 sets of 5-6 reps each. Operating weight must be at least 60 percent of the maximum. Determine your maximum operating weight you have to help coach. Particular attention should be paid to such exercises as bench press (would build muscle chest and arms) and squat with a barbell (legs, back).

Pay special attention to your diet. You should eat a lot of protein (2 grams per kilogram of body weight). Dairy products, lean meat, egg whites and nuts - sources of digestible protein. You can pretty quickly gain muscle mass if you eat 5-6 times a day in small portions. But the content of your diet of carbohydrates and fats to cut costs to a minimum.

Drink plenty of fluids. Three to four liters of water, milk, mineral water - the best option for the exercising person. Plenty of fluids your body needs to speed up metabolism.

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