How to build calves on their feet

How to build calves on their feet
 Ideal figure - a great reason to be proud of themselves. It is therefore necessary to pay great attention to sports exercises, allowing the body to strengthen and develop. For girls especially important training that will help them strengthen calves on their feet.
 Strong legs are always attracted the attention of the opposite sex. To make them more visually slim and relief, it is necessary to perform a specific set of exercises.

Exercise first

 To implement it, you need a stable stool and partner. You also need to perform some preliminary exercises. First, a few minutes, slowly ascend and descend up on tiptoes. Then you need to bring together the knees and feet and knees rotation exercise for a few minutes.

Now located on a stool. You need to put the foot on the toes and at the same time maintain a stable position. Partner should carefully sit on your lap, and he should be back to you. Best of all, if your assistant will weigh less than fifty pounds. Your goal is to slowly raise and lower the foot. Additional load increases the load on the muscles, thus developing them.

Exercise second

 You to perform this task you will need wall bars. You must have one foot on the bottom rung, so that you can keep balance while standing on tiptoes. Grab hold of the bar, which is closest to the chest, and slowly start to rise and fall on toes. This exercise can not be made more than fifteen minutes, so as not to strain the muscles of the legs.

To perform the exercise you will need a third platform that is used in the gym. If that is not at hand, you can use a large book. Stand on it only socks, the heel should hang with her. Provision should be sustainable, as soon as you reach, start slowly to rise and fall. Maximum execution time of the job - ten minutes.

In that case, if you need extra stimulation, it is best to go straight to the sports club. Experienced instructors will help you choose the exercises to strengthen leg muscles. In addition, there you can take the time classes for professional trainers, which is much more convenient to use than domestic substitutes.

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