Feysbilding: elastic cheeks

Feysbilding: elastic cheeks
 Almost everyone knows such a thing as bodybuilding. However, about feysbilding knows not everyone. This title is gymnastics for the person or, otherwise, a set of exercises for the muscles of the face and neck.
 Feysbilding - a great alternative to plastic surgery. If they engage in on a regular basis, the skin becomes firmer, wrinkles smoothed, the muscles become toned. This species differs from the usual gym exercises for the face that feysbilding - power classes applying resistance.

During the month of training can "rejuvenate" for 5-10 years. Complexion begin to improve within the first week of classes. Visible changes will begin later - it will depend on the condition of your face. In any case, you will see that they happen for the better.

Classes are held daily. Each exercise is performed for more than 6 seconds. The number of repetitions gradually increase with each passing day, as long as their number does not reach 20. Prior to the training and after it will be very good to do a little facial massage.

To smooth out wrinkles on the forehead, put his hands on him so that ring fingers were on the eyebrows. Under the influence of their resistance to begin to raise eyebrows up. At the same time, index finger and thumb tightens the skin forward, or on his forehead wrinkled.

To cheeks became elastic, stretch the corners of her mouth as if you smile. Index fingers of both hands, click on the places where the folds are generally formed.

Tighten facial muscles help following exercise: using your thumbs, open mouth. Then lift the corners of the mouth, as it were, with a broad smile. Holding the index fingers of the orbit, try closing your mouth.

In order to remove a double chin, put it under his fists and open mouth against the resistance.

Lip there is exercise: squeeze them with your fingers and press formed corners.

Remove "crow's feet" can thus be: put on the outer edges of the eye sockets middle fingers and cover his eyes. Fingers should feel muscle contraction. Strongly pressed is not necessary - it will interfere with the normal movement of the muscles.

For training the neck lower lip firmly pull down so that became visible bottom row of teeth. At the same time on the neck muscles should appear.

Follow these simple exercises feysbildinga regularly, and they are without drugs and surgery can help you look fresh and young.

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