Exercises to help get rid of cellulite

Exercises to help get rid of cellulite
 There are many ways recommended for the prevention and treatment of cellulite - from specialized diets and massage therapy to the hardware. Each of them is effective in its own way, but the result will be maximized only if you'll also do special exercises.
 The result of exercise aimed at getting rid of cellulite is to enhance blood flow to the buttocks, as well as load the muscles of the buttocks and back of the thigh. Some exercises you can do at home for the rest of the same, you will need a subscription to the gym. They can also be used for prevention, in addition, they will provide you buttocks tightened, which is an additional advantage in their favor.

Before you engage, do a short workout. Sit down several times with arms outstretched and your back straight, and then stand up straight and work out flapping hands first forward and then backward. Do five to ten leaned forward, hands touching your toes.

Start with squats. Make them the same way as we did during the warm-up, but every time I consciously tense buttocks. Keep the average rate. Make twenty or thirty sit-ups, then rest a few minutes.

Jump rope. This is a great and simple exercise leads to tone all the muscles of the legs, including buttocks. Squeezing them while pushing away from the floor, you enhance the effect. Jump fifteen or twenty minutes, if necessary, divide this time for two or three approaches.

Complete training rotation hoop. With this exercise, you increase blood flow to the muscles of the buttocks, thereby increasing the amount of fat burned. Optimal time - fifteen or twenty minutes.

In the gym, start training with the bike. Activate the "fat burning", if there is one. Otherwise, set the "ragged" rhythm - alternating medium and low loads. Occupy the ten or twelve minutes, then relax until your heart rate returns to normal.

If your physical form allows you doing sit-ups with the stamp of the post. Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width, remove the bar from the rack, putting it on his shoulders. Soaking your back straight and looking above the horizon, crouch as low as possible. Then slowly rise.

You can also use simulators for leg curls and leg press machine, respectively. When performing these exercises, the most important - in each repetition consciously straining buttocks. Work with medium weights and a large number of approaches. Complete training after spending fifteen to twenty minutes on a stationary bike.

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