The World of Fashion: Anna Dello Russo

The World of Fashion: Anna Dello Russo
 Anna Dello Russo - Japanese creative director of Vogue, stylist and creative consultant, fashion-icon. Because of its approach to fashion, she has long been a living legend. The audience discusses her manner of dress, fashionista with envy, the number of pairs of shoes of her, and her budding stylists memorize quotes about clothes and style.

Anna was born in 1966 in the Italian city of Bari. Since childhood, fashion was her calling. The girl graduated art history, University of Milan, and then devoted himself to journalism fashion, making his debut in the magazine Donna Magazine. Thanks to his strong character and self-confidence, Anna managed to become the editor of the Italian magazine Vogue, and eventually creative director of the Japanese edition.

Rousseau has its own sense of style. She wears clothes with ease from the catwalks, saying here that compose the clothes better than the designer - is impossible. Therefore, Anna always looks tacky and effectively - any way it always attracts the eye, is noteworthy. Anna incredibly loves clothes. It is said that she will always find a reason several times during the day to change the outfit herself caring for her extensive wardrobe and is the owner of 4,000 pairs of shoes! She buys favorite things in all variants of colors, choose the most extravagant models and impressive style of the Lady Gaga.

Despite the fact that Rousseau is often called the "peacock of fashion," she undaunted in their desire to unite the street and catwalk. She believes that in a fashion to be unpredictable, to be able to impress, to shock. She belongs to a statement that has a positive effect on fashion everything that comes into it from the street.

She is incredibly efficient. By her own admission, it took 15 years to feel like a professional in the fashion world. In addition to his duties as a creative director, Anna cooperates with well-known brands as a stylist. She also released her own perfume Beyond, appears on the display as a model, is removed in advertising campaigns. Rousseau is recognized as a style icon, one of the most important figures of the fashion world.

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