Roberto Cavalli - the name of the cult world of fashion

Roberto Cavalli - the name of the cult world of fashion
 Jeans stretch, rhinestones and sequins, soft leather, prints, imitating animal skins have already come into everyday wardrobe all over the world, and to the complexity of surprise anyone. However, they were not so long ago, in the 70s of the last century. And the first came up to add lycra in denim now world-famous fashion designer Roberto Cavalli. To date, his name is a symbol of luxury, elegance and bold sexuality. But it was not always a long time, he was an outsider of the world of high fashion.

The history of climbing on the Roberto Cavalli fashion Olympus began November 15, 1940. That same day, the next scandalous fashion designer was born in a family of seamstresses and impressionist painter, so you could say that the fate of the boy was sealed over. Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, Roberto Cavalli has been trained in the famous Florentine Academy of Fine Arts, where he received the basic knowledge and skills in the field of design and fine arts. Even during training young Roberto began to experiment with clothes: at first he just hand painted T-shirts and he sold them to tourists on the beaches of Saint-Tropez. But to stop there, he was not going to, he became interested in fabrics and textures, which are not recognized in the world of high fashion, such as the skin, and the combination of them with the world of art and high art. He began experimenting with new materials in his own print shop, and in the 60s fashion has patented its own technology for drawing on the skin. It was a revolution in the fashion world. Roberto Cavalli was the first to apply to the skin prints.

Immediately after this almost unknown designer opened his own production and produced the first collection of clothes. It has become a unique - the basic material was, of course, the skin in conjunction with animal skins and feathers of birds. But its uniqueness lies in the fact that the clothing of leather, stitched Roberto Cavalli suitable for grand receptions and picnic with friends. Cavalli invented a method of treatment of coarse material, which makes it an ultra-soft, due to which he has become a symbol of elegance and high style. His first show he held in 1972 at the world-Pitti Palace of Whitehall.

However, despite the rave reviews about the collection of fashion until the mid 90's the name of Roberto Cavalli was almost forgotten. During this period, the Italian fashion Olympus ruled by Gianni Versace.
That changed in the mid 90s. At this time, Roberto Cavalli produces one of the best collections: coat decorated with crystals, prints in the form of animal skins and "aged" leather. Things of this line is filled wardrobes most famous and beautiful women in Hollywood, and their example is followed by ladies all over the world. For fashion maestro began a hot time. Following the men's women's line appears, and then a more affordable brand Just Cavalli, then the collection of Freedom and Angels in the style of casual, all were satisfied with the word.
In 1999 he opened a huge store in New York on the world famous Madison Avenue, whose clients are celebrities of Hollywood and the Big Apple.

By the beginning of zero popular designers continues to grow. In 2002, the Fashion Group International named him "Designer of the Year", although the maestro himself prefers the term "fashion designers".

Couturier does not stop. He is actively developing other areas of business: open a restaurant and a chocolate factory, launches first fragrance «Roberto Cavalli Parfum», and also creates a collection of stylish items for interior design. More-more: Roberto Cavalli opens trendy nightclub in Florence, and also produces under its own brand Cavalli Collection and Cavalli Selection vodka and wine. However, about their basic craft maestro does not forget. In recent years, his clothes became a cult. And although it is often criticized for excessive luxury and outrageous, fashion designer does not seek to mass, his clothes to favorites. But it is necessary to put a time at least one work of art Cavalli, become a fan of his for ever. It is no coincidence among the admirers of the designer many years the number of Sharon Stone, Cindy Crawford, Bono, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Madonna, the couple Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and many others, and every year this stellar list increases.

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