Person: Yves Saint Laurent in the world of Haute Couture

Person: Yves Saint Laurent in the world of Haute Couture
 In early June 2008, the world shocked to hear of the death of the great couturier - fashion designer and the designer Yves Saint Laurent. In 2007, doctors diagnosed him with brain cancer, but even so, no one expected that Saint Laurent dies so suddenly.  

The designer was born in Oran in 1936. Immediately, just graduating from high school, along with his mother, Yves Saint Laurent moved to Paris, where he enrolled in school couturier. Already in the 19 years he has won first prize in a competition for young fashion designers. Young Lagerfeld also received the award together with Saint-Laurent in the same category, for design evening dress. This fact marked the beginning of their constant competition, when they both reached the heights of the fashion world.

Thanks to recommendations from the chief Michel Bryunhoffa editions of Vogue, Yves had the opportunity to assist Christian Dior. It was working side by side with the famous couturier Saint Laurent created the first of his career evening dress. Nobody expected that soon the whole vast empire Dior goes into the hands of 21-year-old designer. Yves Saint Laurent was soon drafted into the army and the business was transferred Dior Marc Bohan. Army badly affect the health and mental balance Willow, and salvation for hospitalized in the psychiatric ward of a young man became Pierre Berge. He made sure that the young talented designer sent home and helped him to establish the Fashion House «YSL».

Cases fashion house went smoothly: there were ups and downs, times of financial setbacks. In 1999, YSL was acquired by François Pinault. The year 2002 was marked by the fact that the master said he was leaving the world of high fashion, tired of the commercialization of art. In Pompidou was constructed luxurious display of works from the beginning of his career to the latest collection.

Famous Kutur constantly inventing something new styles of clothing, trying to move beyond the usual scope of the fashion world. Safari jackets, dresses of transparent fabric and women's tuxedo will forever be associated with the name of French fashion designer Yves Saint-dazynera Laurent.

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