Evolution style Charlize Theron

Evolution style Charlize Theron
 Charlize Theron, one of the most famous and beautiful women on the planet feels great not only on the set, but also in the world of fashion - promotes well-known brands, familiar with many famous designers. Her style can be the envy of many Hollywood fashionista.
 Charlize Theron dreamed of becoming a ballerina, but a knee injury closed the road in front of her ballet. However, many fans of the actress certainly do not feel disappointed. Talented person is talented in everything, the truth of this assertion is confirmed as an acting career Charlize and her ability to dress fashionably. It very well could be a star of the podium, but still chose to model business career actress. Nevertheless it useful skills model, actress ability to pose in front of the cameras should learn. As for the sense of style, it perfectly, but the actress came to him not once.

The first appearance in public Charlize attracted the attention of not only her outfit, how much natural beauty and sexuality. Clothing emphasized the beneficial aspects of its appearance, but sometimes it worked too frankly - the love of a deep cut can be considered one of the main features in the clothes of the actress at the time.

After the release in 1997 on the new film "Devil's Advocate" Charlize Theron woke up famous, her beauty and sensuality became a kind of standard. This is reflected in the clothes of the actress who became a different minimalism, designed to emphasize the advantages of appearance, but not overshadow them. Over time, this style became Charlize basic, simple and elegant clothes always perfectly combined with the natural data actress. With exquisite sense of taste, it became a favorite of many designers. In particular, the famous John Galliano has repeatedly stressed that for Charlize do for him is a true pleasure.

If at official events in the image of the actress all calibrated to the last detail, the everyday life she loves and elegant at the same time comfortable and practical things. This emphasizes the ability of the actress not only to dress according to the situation, but the feel of the clothes comfortable and natural.

Charlize lucky and hair, she looks equally impressive as a short hairstyle with curls and shoulder. More than once she changed and hair color, sometimes turning to film in the next film from blonde to brunette burning. However, every time the actress returns to its traditional appearance with soft blond curls.

High growth actress gives full play when choosing shoes. It can be worn as sandals low heel and stylish stilettos. Whatever shoes was not on it, Charlize always looks equally impressive. Bags prefers elegant, but roomy, which can fit in all and for all occasions.

Charlize Theron continues to act in films, it can be seen on the red carpet's most famous film festivals. This means that fans of the actress will be able to continue to monitor the evolution of its inimitable style.

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