"Naked Lunch" for weight loss

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 Ideas are in the air. Remember eloquent statement Faina Ranevskaya: "There can be all and in any quantity, but naked and in front of the mirror." It is this idea has become a fundamental new unusual diet, developed by British scientists.
 The secret diet "naked lunch" is being offered to undress before meals. It removed all my clothes. Enhances the effect delivered in front of a full length mirror. Mentally tough person feel naked. He becomes defenseless and vulnerable in unusual conditions. There is a need to put on or return to a state of comfort. This feeling is basic. When the problem of excess weight that once hid the clothes, becomes manageable. Type your own body, is far from perfect, the state is happening completely unaccustomed dismiss all thoughts of food. There is a reassessment of values, a new understanding of priorities. It was at this psychological features and built this diet.

Remember how uncomfortable feeling is full of people chewing. Come to mind most obscene epithets and comparisons. Now imagine that this person is you. Yes, and in all its naked glory. Presented? What comparisons you can now pick up? Despite the fact that the diet "Naked Lunch" mentally tough, this she and effective.

Why such an extreme method is effective? People used to hide their shortcomings, not in order that no one guessed that he was fat. He does it for himself, so that his perception to feel a little thinner, a little slimmer, a little more elegant, a little to myself like. But it's all an illusion. This props to once again not to remind ourselves about their problems. Because of the fear to look at ourselves critically and delay on the part of responsible decision-making to change something in their lives.

Diet "Naked Lunch" very sobering and therefore deemed effective. This is confirmed by experts. Opportunity to honestly assess yourself with hand - can give a start to the beginning of your new life slim.

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