Diet Kwasniewski

Diet Kwasniewski
 At all times the diets were calculated from the principle: the less fat, the better diet and more obvious results (weight loss). But weight loss technique Kwasniewski destroys all the stereotypes and its developers claim that fat intake contributes to weight loss.
 Jan Kwasniewski for several years conducted research and came to the conclusion that in order to lose weight you need to eat food that is at an easy assimilation gives a lot of energy, ie, fats and animal proteins - fat and meat. For better results you need to completely abandon the products containing fiber (bread, bran, corn) due to the fact that, according to nutritionists, it is not absorbed by the body, and, therefore, does not make him a favor.

As for carbohydrates, the Yang'm sure it is because of these people are obese. It is believed that 50 grams of carbohydrate daily for sufficient processing and assimilation of fats and in an amount no greater than necessary.

Contrary to popular belief, he does not consider fruits and vegetables useful and vital. On the contrary, he argues that instead better to drink pure water. As for the vitamins necessary for a person, he is convinced that they are in sufficient quantity found in meat.

In his view there is need for more than 5 eggs a day, meat, bacon, cheese and drink milk. Wherein the fat content of these products should be maximized. Only sometimes he advises to use vegetables, flour, pasta and potatoes.

Another feature of the diet is a meal at any time, and the evening is no exception. Kwasniewski also argues that, fundamentally changing the power (in favor of his diet), people will soon feel a surge of strength, energy and vigor. As for the weight, it is normalized by time, that is, those who are overweight - reduced, and those who were thin - will increase. At constant adherence to the instructions above weight will not change.

But due to what is achieved such a result? When the body receives a large amount of fat, it starts to get rid of the stock that has accumulated under the skin. Due to this, intramuscular fat and glycogen saved.

Such a diet implies a measured food intake, without distractions (watching TV or listening to music), as well as its condition is mandatory rest after eating for at least 15 minutes.

By the way, about 2 million people have successfully used this diet and happy with the result.

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