Diet for high radiation loads

Diet for high radiation loads
 Under conditions of increased radiation is extremely important to take care of your health and try to protect themselves from the negative effects of radioactive substances and particles, because of their impact on the human body may be irreparable. People who find themselves in the area of ​​radiation hazard, try to adjust your diet, focusing on products that can protect the body from danger. So, what should be the diet at high radiation loads?

One of the most dangerous elements of a so-called "dangerous" iodine, namely iodine-131 isotopes which tend to accumulate in the thyroid gland, cancer and causing cell damage. It can enter the human body through the air, and it takes a lot of effort to bring it. A "good" iodine (also called permanent) tends to neutralize the effect of radioactive isotopes of iodine-131. A lot of iodine include a variety of fruits: persimmons, apples and bananas and grapefruit. Many iodine and other citrus fruits such as lime, orange. The berries give preference raspberries, strawberries. Broccoli and cauliflower actively interfere with the assimilation of iodine-131, as well as radishes, carrots, turnips and other root vegetables.

From the harmful effects of free radicals, which are known for their sad destroy property a variety of body cells and cause mutations, it is possible to get rid of using a large number of fresh green tea, which has a proven and very strong anti-tumor effect. Drink it should be a few glasses a day, and quite strong. That tea is better absorbed and absorbed the stomach wall, add a little milk in it. Drinking pure water is also extremely important for increasing the radiation background, as with the liquid from the human body is washed away large amounts of toxins.
Against free radicals effectively acts and berries: so eat every day, cranberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and cranberries.

Under unfavorable radiation environment allowed to drink a little alcohol, namely a good red wine. Qualitative alcohol neutralizes free radicals and natural substances that are produced wine, able to neutralize and reduce occurring in the body oxidative processes. So take half a glass of wine a day for the rule - and radiation will be a little less scary.

Against another radioactive element cesium, which is the second after the iodine on the distribution and potential harm, there are several very effective products: nuts, cabbage, cereals high in potassium (barley grits, oatmeal, buckwheat, barley), as well as apricots, melons and even fungi, in particular - white and fresh.

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