Yoghurt diet or lose weight as nice

Yoghurt diet or lose weight as nice
 Diets that promise great weight loss, there are many. And most of all, it is very hungry, hard, if not to say cruel and unhealthy diet. Fortunately, there are systems that do not starve to death in the pursuit of a thin waist, and also consisting of a pleasant and tasty menu.
 When choosing a diet is best to pick the one at which you will lose weight steadily and slowly, and you will not go hungry at the same time.

These diets include yoghurt - well balanced and soft, does not require the fine ladies and feats of self-denial.

Yogurt contains beneficial for the human protein, therefore, stopping your choice on yogurt diet, you not only lose the hated extra centimeters and kilograms, but also give your body a "building material" necessary for normal functioning.

How to eat, what to drink with yoghurt diet

A day to eat 500 grams of mandatory natural low-fat yogurt - divide them into three or four stages.

Each time before a meal drink a half cup of hot unsweetened tea - it is a prerequisite.

Be sure to include in your diet boiled meat (veal, turkey, rabbit meat, chicken and lean beef), non-starchy vegetables, herbs, berries or any dried fruit.

Drink unsweetened black and green tea, mineral water without gas. Juices give preference pomegranate, orange, grapefruit, cherry and apple.

Do not mix food and drink, drink in between meals. The only exception is for tea - as mentioned above, do a few sips of mandatory before eating a serving of yogurt.

Eat fruit - you can allow yourself to 300 grams of fresh fruit daily. Forbidden fruit more: melons, pears, melons and grapes, as they contain a lot of sugar and bad carbohydrates.

Of the allowed fruits and salads can be made to fill their fat yogurt. The most useful fruit with yogurt diet is apples and citrus.

Two weeks yogurt diet you can get rid of extra 7-8 pounds. More than 14 days at a time to sit yogurt diet is not recommended.

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