Features weight loss after 30

Features weight loss after 30
 Thirty years - it is a certain boundary. When a person reaches it, the metabolism slows down with each passing year, the amount of muscle mass decreases, it becomes more difficult to lose weight. Therefore, nutritionists develop specific ways to help reduce excess weight in individuals older than 30 years.  
 Follow the diet
If under 30 years old you can eat as you like, do not limit yourself literally nothing, after 30 you will have to adhere to a moderate diet. Optionally, limit yourself around. It is enough to reduce the amount of food intake in the first third, then - by 1/2.

Do not refuse food altogether, do not use starvation diets. This method of weight loss will significantly reduce the metabolism, and your goal is to reverse. Low-fat diet contributes to a further reduction in muscle mass. It is a vicious circle. The fewer calories you consume, the less the body of their expenses.

Learn how to choose the right food. Your diet should be present whole grains, protein foods low in fat, vegetables, fruits, fresh herbs. Eliminate sugar, limit salt intake, do not eat sausages, fast food, fatty, fried, canned food.

Maintain physical activity
To thirty years you could not only eat, not denying yourself anything, but do not engage in charge, do not go to the gym. Dense muscle mass, faster metabolism helps you to be in a form without using extra effort.

Unfortunately, after thirty years of low levels of physical activity and high-calorie diet - it's a quick way to gain weight. Therefore, to keep in shape you will have 2-3 times a week access to the fitness center and make a daily 30-minute charge.

Physical activity should be stronger. An experienced trainer will make you a program that is perfect for your age, weight and health.

Give up bad snacking
Often while reducing caloric intake between meals there is a feeling of hunger. Do not try to kill your appetite with the help of chips, candy, sunflower seeds. If you can not to wait until lunch or dinner, eat an apple and drink a large glass of green tea without sugar. In tea, you can add a half teaspoon of cinnamon powder. This will help normalize blood sugar levels and significantly reduce appetite.

Visit your doctor
If you regularly follow a diet, maintain a high level of physical activity, but the weight still keeps coming, pass a full medical examination. It is necessary to check the thyroid, cardiovascular system, hormonal levels. In the presence of pathological processes occurring in the body, you will be treated. This will help stabilize the weight and keep fit.

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