Diet - this is a game, a win-win when they lose

Diet - this is a game, a win-win when they lose
 Diet - an effective tool in the fight against excess weight. But it has a downside. Lack of kilokallory, fats and carbohydrates due to lack of nutrition, may lead to irreparable consequences for the organism.

There are two principles developed by nutritionists, following which it is possible and to lose weight and saturate the body with nutrients. This separation of power and the mode in which the most high-calorie food is used up to twelve hours of the day.

 Separate food - is simple and tasty diet. The main thing you need to learn - to cease to combine proteins and carbohydrates. That is, have to give up sandwiches (bread and sausage), from potatoes with meat and fish with rice. All this can have, but separately. Choose a garnish vegetables are low in starch - tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, etc. If you cook the soup in meat broth - do not put back the potatoes and pasta. Want to cook spaghetti? Please do not water them with meat sauce. Fruits, especially citrus fruits, better to eat separately from the main meal. For example, in the afternoon. And do not forget that fruit at a low calorie, contain a lot of carbohydrates. And abuse can lead to an increase in weight.

 The second diet is based on a different principle. Before noon you can afford everything you want. And pasta with meat and cake. But only for breakfast. Meal of the morning should be the only, no snacking. But the portions can be any arbitrarily large. For lunch allowed to combine complex carbohydrates (buckwheat, brown rice, vegetables except potatoes) protein (meat, fish, mushrooms). But zazharku excluded. Only braising or stewing. During dinner, used low-calorie food. Cottage cheese to five percent fat with apple or tomato, one kind of vegetables, boiled seafood or chicken. The last meal - for four hours before bedtime. That is, if you go to bed at midnight, not dine after eight in the evening. After that, there is nothing impossible. From drinks are allowed only green tea and mineral water without gas.

 These modes allow to lose weight without losing important elements to the body. However, do not forget that after the diet is to adhere to proper nutrition. Otherwise, all dropped pounds back, bringing with him five, or even ten.

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