Diet Frenchwomen

Diet Frenchwomen
 It is believed that in France, famous for the finest cuisine in the world, the most slender women. However, the French did not recognize any diet. In their opinion, it is an unnatural diet, which contains solid bans.
 French ladies love to eat. But do it wisely: average portion of any dish twice less than those who are accustomed to the Russian woman. In addition, France is not accepted skip main meals and snacks, which so often resorted Russians, for French women did not acceptable. They love to spend hours in cafes, chatting enthusiastically, but limited to only black coffee. A cup of black coffee without sugar contains only 4 calories, and if you add to it a dessert, the number of calories eaten increases hundreds of times.

French can afford little weaknesses: a piece of dark chocolate a day will give a true delight, much more than a whole tile. Food should give pleasure and bring pleasure, so the French menu is very diverse: they eat everything - meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, sauces and savory spices. In principle, all the same as in Russia. With one small difference: varied, but little by little. The diet is dominated by a large number of French vegetables. They are trained in boiled, stewed, pickled and fresh. Throughout the day, women drink small sips mineral water and did not eat and do not recognize the semi fast food.

Speaking of fast food. The country has not accepted a gourmet eat in a hurry, on the run, reading or watching a movie or e-mail. Here are able to get from eating a real pleasure. Even just to drink tea with fragrant croissant, French served tea table, like in a restaurant.

In addition, in France at dinner made to drink a glass of dry wine. It helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels, has a restorative effect on the blood vessels, improves metabolism. The main rule - no more than one drink a day, and only during the meal.

The most efficient and effective exercises French women considered sex. In addition, they refuse to elevators in favor of stairs and a lot of moving. And for the control of body weight are more likely to trust their intuition than cock. After all, as psychologists say, "let his weight, and he let you go."

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