Bread Diet

Bread Diet
 Each diet, which proposes to correct their form, always finds both its ardent fans, and as fierce opponents. Controversy erupted mainly around the question of the benefits and harms of a system of weight loss. Grain diet, which appeared in Israel, too, initially shocked many, because for a long time it was believed that excess carbohydrates harmful. But the author of the procedure states that this diet normalizes insulin levels and serotonin in the body.

This diet involves the passage of two stages. It is based on the daily use of a dozen pieces of dietary bread slices and 16 women - men. If you find it hard to abandon the usual bread, eat it, but half the size.

Of this bread, you can build any sandwiches: anoint him anything, but not fat and not sweet. Food is important to spread a very thin layer. If you want to put on the bread thin slice of lean ham or fish, and you can eat any amount of vegetables that do not contain a lot of starch.

Every day you should eat 200 grams of yogurt and one large piece of fruit - apples, pears, oranges, grapefruit, or a few small - plums, apricots, strawberries, etc. If you prefer, you can substitute fruit for dessert diet.

Three times a week, eat an egg, as well as portions of meat or fish with vegetables - in those days, should reduce the amount of bread. Permissible meat - chicken and turkey without skin and fat, and lean beef and pork. There must be at least six times a day, so the body does not feel hungry and then you would not have to increase the ration.

Throughout the diet should eat plenty of fluids - at least two liters a day for women and two and a half - men, not including coffee and tea. The author also offers regular diet drink multivitamins and calcium.

The second phase of the diet is to maintain weight. At this time you save previous daily rate of consumption of bread, but you can replace some part of other products. Two slices of bread are equivalent to a glass of boiled beans or pasta, a potato or corn on the cob, half a cup of cooked cereal, a couple of spoons of cornflakes, muesli or two dietary crackers.

Vegetables can be eaten in unlimited quantities, as well as increase the amount of fruit. And besides, do not forget to drink a glass of a fermented milk product - kefir, yogurt or sour.

It is believed that the second phase of the diet may be the basis for a permanent power so in the future, in which case you will not ever have a problem with being overweight. Proponents of the diet claim that it is not difficult to maintain, and can be, without feeling hungry, eat less food. But opponents believe that the lack of fat and animal protein for a long time can cause the body harm.

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