The Kremlin diet: Why do we lose weight?

 In spring the people en masse sits on a diet, buying all sorts of pills, dietary supplements, teas to lose weight, who generously offers trade. Begins rapid pohudatelnye marathon. All are eager to become slim, beautiful ... Why do so many do not reach the finish line?

Why do we lose weight? The question is not idle. Try to answer yourself honestly. After all, this depends largely on the success in the difficult struggle with excess weight.

The easiest way to those who start to lose weight for health. On the recommendation or request a doctor when the disease is already taken by the throat. Slowly but surely they do the trick.

But in the spring, many other concerns.

"To discharge urgently needs to lose 5 lbs. Help !!! »

 "After 4 weeks, we go into a chic restaurant with the staff, I would like to wear something sexier than a robe a la Alla Pugacheva. How dumaete, you get? »

I'm afraid these goals are not always retain on a diet. As well as love.

"For the first two weeks of the Kremlin diet I lost a little more than 5 kg. An incentive - a girl who I really like. I wanted to lose weight for her to 90 kg. Now this stimulus from me very far moved. And the weight stopped at 102, 8 kg.Chto do?

Dmitri. "

Will Rock their slender bodies,
To beaches shuddered as the tsunami!

Very convincing motivation, why you need to lose weight, in my opinion, the author of the following letter. Read carefully and use in their dietary practices. Especially when the hand itself will be pulled to the forbidden foods at first.

"That spring has come, and with it the thought of himself, his beloved. I would like to pohoroshet with nature. So, it's time to go on a diet.

There are several options for the way to perfection of the body. First, there is not nothing or almost nothing. The mood at the same time falling and more than a couple of days will not last. More precisely, just the same stretch - feet! Sit on kefir too uninteresting.

There is a proven diet - the Kremlin. But without the sweet ... Oh, how difficult! But life is worth this sacrifice (especially since this is not a categorical rejection of the final and sweet as such). Slim, toned body. Not thin, with protruding bones !!! Namely slim! Graceful and smooth as a young panther.

Is the beloved is not worthy to enjoy such beauty? And whatever is said about the fact that we are nice men, and from the beautiful female body strong man gets at least just to be aesthetically pleasing. Of course, we love men for what they are, but do not thrill only one kind of sports toned male torso ?! Causes, though not all in the right confessed. It's like admiring art ... body art.

It was therefore decided: losing weight! Especially before I had such a body. And the age yet still not one to not allow yourself to some things, simply because can not figure !!! And when I want to depart from the rules, I first read these lines. Remember all the embarrassments when the store comes back after trying on your favorite clothes with the words "too little." Previously, this almost never happened !!

So motivation:

1. Soon summer. This means that the body will be open as ever, and all the shortcomings will be visible.

2. At any time, a sense of their own beautiful body gives considerable confidence in all and with all, even direct full "beauty" can enjoy only one person (but what!).

3. How long have I admired? They said that I had beautiful breasts or slim figure? Better not to answer. And it's nice to feel this admiration!

Horror stories on the case, "if you do not lose weight":

1. Many of the things that I enjoy, for me banned, so you have to dress up in something shapeless. And I'm so fond of sexy and elegant clothes, emphasize the shape. Have to give up his style - it's unthinkable!

2. I am embarrassed to undress, trying to get me no one had seen naked, even partially, in a bathing suit. What will happen when the summer comes ?!

3. Tired of listening to phrases like "but you seem to have recovered," "Oh, yes you fatter" or "Wow, what pyshechka"!

But after a brief raspunktovki I start a new way of food and life in general! And, as the saying goes, "the road by walking"!



Vdarit laser for cellulite!

US scientists have developed a technique how to use ultra precise laser to find and melt body fat.

News should please the teenagers suffer from acne, and women who are tired to fight cellulite. Experiments with pork fat and skin showed the effectiveness of the methodology. It is small, says dermatologist Rox Anderson, who led the experiment: to create a certain frequency lasers. This may take a few years. And then - farewell to acne.

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