Lose Weight tasty: orange diet

Lose Weight tasty: orange diet
 Slow, nice and flavorful diet can make your figure perfect - you will gain a graceful form, the body's defense against colds and infections, improve the condition of the vessels. Observe tasty diet is not difficult, and the result is stunning.
 Low calorie oranges makes them an excellent dietary product, rich in vitamins and nourishes the body composition of valuable vitamin C. Eat oranges can be in unlimited quantities - despite the sweet taste, you can not gain weight. If you do not have an allergy to citrus fruits, oranges you love and you want to become leaner 6-7 pounds, this diet is for you.

Three-stage structure of the diet involves dividing the entire period for 3 weeks - in the first week you eat only oranges (sometimes allowing herself to eat two boiled eggs per day), with the second add unsalted porridge, the third week is allowed to enrich the menu of vegetables and fruits. The hardest thing to start - the first 7 days of hard dietary restrictions can cause negative emotions. Allowable oranges a day - or a little more than a kilogram. Divide this number into several pieces and eat an orange every 2-3 hours.

Cheerful citrus flavor will not allow you to indulge in despondency and charge a good mood. Support your body in the first week is very important - drink mineral water without gas, do not neglect the existing relief in the form of hard-boiled eggs. It is desirable for this period to abandon the grueling physical training, but a walk in the fresh air required.

Meet the second week of cheerful and optimistic - include in the diet of cereals. Porridge should be boiled in the water, without salt, herbs and spices. You can choose your favorite cereal, but will be most useful buckwheat - its rich composition, trace elements and providing a wealth of satiety can help you cope with hunger. The volume of cereals can not be limited, but it is better to observe moderation.

Permission to eat fruit and vegetables at the beginning of the third week of diet you perceive with joy - it means that there are only 7 days and your taste buds will find something to enjoy. Vegetables can have any desirable raw and fruits should not be too calorie (restrict grapes, bananas, melons, etc.).

Effectiveness orange diet - 3 kilos per week. If 3 weeks - it's too difficult test for you, try a three-day diet orange with eggs and greens.

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