Diet for the lazy

Diet for the lazy
 There is a low calorie diet, diets differing from the other so that they do not need to calculate and compute. These healthy diet is characterized by its ease of compliance, nutritious and balanced. Such diets are called Diet for the lazy.

With proper dieting for lazy gives a very good result, it can help you lose three to seven pounds of excess weight, while it is quite difficult to comply with. The variety of diets for lazy people enables each choose for themselves the most appropriate. It should be noted that such diets have certain characteristics compliance, namely:

- The food you need to chew, especially when a small amount of food to be quite careful about calories.

- No need to mealtime distracted by reading or watching TV.

- It is necessary to drink more fluids, you can use natural fruit drinks without sugar berry, pure filtered water or mineral water.

- It is necessary to try to avoid the appearance of hunger, between meals if want to eat, you should eat a handful of nuts or an apple.

Typically, these diets are designed for a period of one week to a month, the total calories in their diet per day is about 1600 calories. To the diet for lazy people include:

1. Easy diet. This diet is characterized by four meals with four variants meals: Breakfast - cereal, boiled egg, buckwheat, orange juice; Lunch - salad, boiled potatoes, vegetable soup, Greek salad; dinner - salad, vegetable stew, boiled potatoes, brown rice; dessert - yogurt, apples, oranges, baked apple.

2. Apple-acetic diet. In this diet, you can eat everything and in different quantities, the main thing is not abused. Apple cider vinegar should be consumed on an empty stomach at bedtime or in the morning before eating. In one glass of water add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

3. Fruit diet. This diet food consumed low-calorie fruits such as apple, orange, avocado and others. Subject to this diet should not eat sugar and sugary drinks.

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