Green tea for those who want to lose weight

Green tea for those who want to lose weight
 Benefits of green tea make it drink healing and very helpful. Green tea craze has come to the European continent from the eastern countries, where life expectancy is much higher, and obese people are much smaller.
 These unique properties of green tea as cleansing the body of toxins and impurities, accelerating metabolism and normalization of the digestive system, widely used dieters. Many diets allow the use of green tea, and in some of them it is one of the important components. The volume of the beverage may be greater - up to 1, 5 liters per day. Simple dietary restrictions - the refusal of fried, smoked and sweet dishes and an increase in the proportion of fruits and vegetables, combined with mandatory use of green tea is able to give your figure slim.

After a couple of weeks after the start of the tea "therapy" you will see the first results - the scales shift to the left, pet clothing will sit perfectly and torments you bags under the eyes and unhealthy complexion disappear. Green tea acts in two ways - first, it displays the excess fluid, causing the kidneys to function normally, and then "adopted" for fats (burns them and prevents unwanted deposits).

If you are determined to lose weight without causing themselves moral discomfort in the form of strict diets, but simply having established a healthy food system, remember - you need to use at least six cups of green tea during the day. It includes catechine which effectively combats excess weight, so buy only high quality tea, from reliable vendors. Drinking a cup of green tea every 3-4 hours, you will avoid sudden attacks of hunger, because the drink has the ability to reduce appetite. Try to replace the usual snacks as candy and cookies cup of freshly brewed just green tea - an invaluable aid body (2-3 kg per month with little effort).

If you are supporter of fasting days and have already mastered the practice of fasting, try to stay on green tea per day. You can drink pure green tea or mix it with milk - per liter of milk will have three tablespoons of dry tea leaves. This amount of drink should be consumed throughout the day.

A useful addition to green tea can be noted grated ginger - a combination of the two fat-burning products leads to a great result, simultaneously bringing benefits in the form of strengthening the immune system.

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