Eat to lose weight

Eat to lose weight
 Nutritionists estimated that in fast food, which many eat daily, fat contains 3 times more than the norm. But the sandwiches can be useful if you know how to cook them properly.
 First you need to choose the bread. In the refined white bun no nutrients, but contains a lot of salt, flavor enhancers, leavening agents. All these ingredients do not play in favor of the health of our body. Therefore, choose the bread, which included a lot of whole grains. Note that the label among the first in the composition should be the words "whole grain or sprouted", "wallpaper flour."

Now enjoy a filling sandwich. Replace fat mayonnaise thick yogurt sauce with herbs or garlic, and instead of ketchup out of the store, prepare homemade fresh tomato. Fatty cheeses also better to replace less-calorie: mozzarella, feta cheese, "Russian". Also, instead of cocoa butter, which contains a large amount of calorie dense nutrient-poor and thus from the standpoint of microelements, give preference to the almond, peanut, apple. These oils are healthier and easier. "Heart" sandwich, chicken or fish fillets, cook for a couple, and vegetables - grilled.

To add a sandwich vitamins, actively involve fruits and vegetables. Tomato, cucumber, peppers, lettuce, olives - all this will make your snack enjoyable and rewarding. In addition, a filling for a sandwich can be very diverse. For example, try adding an air omelet, tahini paste or even banana pulp. You can also diversify and form a sandwich, giving it an attractive and even more appetizing appearance: wrap as rolls, cut at an acute angle, decorate with greenery. In Japan, for example, prepared in the form of sandwiches of animals and plants.

Try to add as little as possible sandwich pickled products since they contain a large amount of sodium, which is able to retain water in the body. This overloads the blood vessels and leads to edema. It is best to choose a sauerkraut or olives. Experiment add to the traditional sandwich, fruit and vegetable dishes from different countries: Armenian lavash, Mexican vegetable burrito, fruit tarts, French, etc.

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